List of United States Congresses

List of United States Congresses

This is a complete list of the Sessions and meetings of the United States Congress.

Future scheduled Congresses

*111th United States Congress: 2009–2011
*112th United States Congress: 2011–2013
*113th United States Congress: 2013–2015
*114th United States Congress: 2015–2017
*115th United States Congress: 2017–2019
*116th United States Congress: 2019–2021
*117th United States Congress: 2021–2023
*118th United States Congress: 2023–2025
*119th United States Congress: 2025–2027
*120th United States Congress: 2027–2029

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* [ Dates of Sessions of the Congress, present-1789 (1789-present) ]

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