Lord Gray

Lord Gray is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1445 for the Scottish diplomat and politician Sir Andrew Gray. His great-great-great-great-great-grandson, the seventh Lord, was granted a new patent with remainder to William Gray, husband of his only daughter Anne, and his heirs male, and in failure thereof to William Gray's father Sir William Gray, and his heirs male whatsoever. He was succeeded according to the new patent by his grandson, the eighth Lord, the son of William and Anne Gray. In 1707 he also obtained a new patent, with the precedency of 1445, and with remainder to John Gray, husband of his daughter Marjory, and the heirs of their bodies, and, in failure thereof, to the elder heir female.

Lord Gray was succeeded already in his own lifetime by his son-in-law John Gray, the ninth Lord. His great-grandson, the fourteenth Lord, was a Scottish Representative Peer from 1812 to 1842. His son, the fifteenth Lord, was also a Scottish Representative Peer and sat in the House of Lords from 1842 to 1867. He died childless and was succeeded according to the patent of 1707 by his sister Madelina Gray. She never married and on her death the title passed to her niece Margaret Murray. When she died in 1878 the Lordship was inherited by her cousin George Philip Stuart, 14th Earl of Moray, who became the 18th Lord Gray as well. He was a descendant of Hon. Jean Gray, eldest daughter of the eleventh Lord Gray.

However, on his death the Earldom and Lordship separated, with the Earldom being inherited by a male cousin. The Lordship of Gray was passed on to (according to a decision by the Committee for Privileges in the House of Lords) Eveleen Smith, daughter of Lady Jane Pounden, daughter of Francis Stuart, 10th Earl of Moray. In 1897 Lady Gray and her husband James Maclaren Smith assumed by Royal license the additional surname of Gray. She was succeeded by her son, the twentieth Lord, and on his death in 1919 the title passed to his sister Ethel Eveleen Campbell, wife of Henry Tufnell Campbell, who both assumed by Royal license the additional surname of Gray the following year. As of 2007 the title is held by her great-grandson, the twenty-third Lord Gray, who succeeded his father in 2003.

Lords Gray (1445)

*Andrew Gray, 1st Lord Gray (1390-1469)
*Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord Gray (d. 1514)
*Patrick Gray, 3rd Lord Gray (d. 1541)
*Patrick Gray, 4th Lord Gray (d. 1584)
*Patrick Gray, 5th Lord Gray (1538-1608)
*Patrick Gray, 6th Lord Gray (d. 1611)
*Andrew Gray, 7th Lord Gray (d. 1663)
*Patrick Gray, 8th Lord Gray (d. 1711)
*John Gray, 9th Lord Gray (d. 1724)
*John Gray, 10th Lord Gray (1683-1738)
*John Gray, 11th Lord Gray (1716-1782)
*Charles Gray, 12th Lord Gray (1752-1786)
*William John Gray, 13th Lord Gray (1754-1807)
*Francis Gray, 14th Lord Gray (1765-1842)
*John Gray, 15th Lord Gray (1798-1867)
*Madelina Gray, 16th Lady Gray (1799-1869)
*Margaret Murray, 17th Lady Gray (1821-1878)
*George Philip Stuart, 14th Earl of Moray, 18th Lord Gray (1816-1895)
*Eveleen Smith-Gray, 19th Lady Gray (1841-1918)
*James Maclaren Stuart Gray, 20th Lord Gray (1864-1919)
*Ethel Eveleen Gray-Campbell, 21st Lady Gray (1866-1946)
*Angus Diarmid Ian Campbell-Gray, 22nd Lord Gray (1931-2003)
*Andrew Godfrey Diarmid Stuart Campbell-Gray, 23rd Lord Gray (b. 1964)

ee also

*Earl of Moray

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"The Master of Gray trilogy", by Nigel Tranter are historical novels recounting the life and times of Patrick, 6th Lord Gray, arch conspirator and power behind the throne of the young James VI of Scotland. Hodder and Stoughton, 1961.


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