Sig may refer to:
*Sig, the Russian name for the common whitefish
*Sig, a character from the Jak & Daxter (series) video game series
*Sig (Algeria), a city in Algeria
*Sig (rune), an Armanen rune
*Sig Hansen, captain of the F/V Northwestern
*SIGARMS, a gun manufacturer
*Signature block (known as "sig block" or "sig file"), an appendix to an e-mail, Web forum post, or Usenet message
*Significant figures (known as "sig figs" or "sig digs"), an expression of measurement precision
*Signatura (or "Sig." or "Signa."), the "signature" section of a medical prescription, which contains directions to the patient, and the signature of the prescribing doctor

The acronym SIG may stand for:
*Särskilda Inhämtningsgruppen, a special forces unit of the Swedish Defence Forces
*Science Initiative Group, an international team of scientists dedicated to fostering science in developing countries
*Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft, a Swiss railway, firearms and packaging company
*Schweres Infanterie Geschütz
*Secure Internet Gateway
*SIG (band), a Finnish band
*SIG plc, an insulation company
*Special Interest Group, a computer community with a common technical interest. (cf PCI-SIG, MXM-SIG).
*Special Interrogation Group, the WWII British Army unit of German-speaking Jewish volunteers
*Strasbourg Illkirch-Graffenstaden Basket, a French basketball club based in Strasbourg
*Summer Institute for the Gifted, a USA summer program for gifted children
*Susquehanna International Group, a leading financial institution focusing on trading, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, institutional sales and research

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