USS Merrimack

USS Merrimack

USS "Merrimack", or variant spelling USS "Merrimac", may be any one of several ships commissioned in the United States Navy and named after the Merrimack River.

*USS "Merrimack" (1798), 1798–1801, later known as the "Monticello", sunk off Cape Cod

*USS "Merrimack" (1855), 1856–1860, best known as the hulk upon which ironclad CSS "Virginia" was built during the American Civil War

*USS "Merrimac" (1864), 1864–1865, a side-wheel steamer

*USS "Merrimac" (1898), 1898, a collier during the Spanish-American War

*USS "Merrimack" (AO-37), 1942–1954, a Kennebec-class fleet oiler, served in both the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II

*USS "Merrimack" (AO-179), 1981–1998, a Cimarron-class fleet oiler

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