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Current_members = Haylie Ecker Eos Chater Tania Davis Gay-Yee Westerhoff
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Notable_instruments = Violin, Viola, Cello
Bond (often typeset as bond in deference to the owners of the 007 copyright) [cite web | url=,9171,501020318-216347,00.html | title=Sex in the Symphony | date=2002-03-11 | accessdate=2007-12-20] is an Australian/British string quartet that specialise in classical crossover music. Bond has been described as the best selling string quartet of all time [ [] iClassics: Crossover Café] , selling over 4 million records.


Bond was formed by music producer Mike Batt, after Batt told fellow-producer Mel Bush that the two of them should put together a quartet consisting of "four beautiful, talented musicians". [ Mike Batt's Official Website: Bond - String Quartet] . Accessed May 27, 2008] Batt went on to produce their first single, with Bush producing their albums. The quartet consists of Haylie Ecker (first violin, from Perth, Australia), Eos Chater (second violin, from Cardiff, Wales), Tania Davis (viola, from Sydney) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello, from Hull, England).

Genre & success

Their debut album "Born" was removed from the UK classical chart, apparently owing to its "sounding too much like pop music". "Born" later rose to the #1 position on 21 different charts around the world. "Shine", their second album, went gold in six countries. "Remixed", their third release, featured remixes from their first two hit albums as well as three new unreleased songs. Their third studio album "Classified" was a popular and successful release. "Classified" went double platinum in Australia, reaching the number one spot on both the classical and pop charts. "", their latest release, is a "best of" collection that includes three previously unreleased songs. They also participated at the 50th annual Miss World pageant in 2000, held in London.

Appearances & recent work

The quartet spent much of 2003 touring, particularly throughout Asia, and participating in the Miss Universe 2003 held in Panama City, Panama. They also fitted in performing and filming a TV commercial for American department store chain Marshall Field's and made a commercial in Los Angeles for the Japanese karaoke manufacturer Daiichi Kosho. The group made their movie debut playing themselves in a scene in Rowan Atkinson's James Bond spoof Johnny English for which they also contributed the track "Kismet", composed by Gay-Yee, and played on the Main Theme. They also appeared as themselves in the film "", performing "Victory". Their single "Explosive" became a massive hit in Australia when it was used as the theme song for the national TV coverage of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The quartet is currently working on an untitled fourth studio album, which was set to be released in spring of 2008, but has now been pushed back to sometime between September and November, 2008. Bond was recently on a "collective maternity leave" for Tania Davis because she gave birth to a boy named Lukas.




Promotional albums

* "Raymond Weil" (2001)
* "Fab Field's Mix" (2003)


* "Johnny English"


* "Victory"
* "Wintersun"
* "Viva!/Wintersun"
* "Shine"
* "Fuego"
* "Speed"
* "Atlanta/Time"
* "Viva!/Victory"
* "Explosive/Adagio for Strings"
* "Fly Samba Fly"


* "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"
* ""

Movie appearances

* " "
* " Johnny English"


External links

* [ Bond's official site]
* [ Bond's official Japanese site]

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