The episclera is the outermost layer of the scleraCassin, B. and Solomon, S. "Dictionary of Eye Terminology". Gainsville, Florida: Triad Publishing Company, 1990.] . It is composed of loose, fibrous, elastic tissue and attaches to Tenon's capsule.

In episcleritis, the episclera and Tenon's capsule are infiltrated with inflammatory cells [Heath, G. [http://www.optometry.co.uk/files/2968dcb27c990328d028d328b5c649b5_CETheath-10206.pdf "The episclera, sclera and conjunctiva: An overview of relevant ocular anatomy."] "OT". February 10, 2006.] .

Vascular plexus between the conjunctiva and the sclera consisting of two layers of vessels, the superficial episcleral vessels and the deep episcleral vessels.


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