Ghor Province

country = Afghanistan

name = Ghor
native_name = غور

map_caption = Map of Afghanistan with Ghowr highlighted
capital = Chaghcharan
capital_lat_d =34
capital_long_d =65
population_as_of = 2002
population = 485000
population_note = []
area = 36479
population_density = 13.29
timezone = UTC+4:30
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free = Persian

Ghōr (PerB|غور), also spelled Ghowr or Ghur, is today one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in central Afghanistan, towards the north-west. The capital of Ghor is Chaghcharan.


Remains of the oldest settlements discovered by the Lithuanian archaeologists in 2007 and 2008 in Ghor date back to 5000 BC [ [ Province hides monuments some of which date back to 5000 BC] ,, 22 May 2008] . Ruins of a few castles and other defense fortifications were also discovered in the environs of Chaghcharan. A Buddhist monastery hand-carved in the bluff of the River Harirud existed in the first centuries of our era during the prevalence of Buddhism. The artificial caves revealed testimony of daily life of the Buddhist monks [ [ Lithuanian archeologists make discovery in Afghanistan] , "The Baltic Times", May 22, 2008; [ Archaeologists make new discoveries about ancient Afghan cultures] , "Top News", 05/23/2008.] .

Ghor, which was part of Persia for many centuries in the past, was one of the regions which participated in the Persian Cultural Revival after the Arab invasion of Persia.


= Attack by Ghazny =

Ghor was also the centre of the Ghurid dynasty in the 12th and 13th century. The remains of their capital Firuzkuh, including UNESCO World Heritage site the Minaret of Jam, are located in the province.

In the 19th century, American adventurer Josiah Harlan claimed the title "Prince of Ghor" for himself and his descendants in perpetuity, in exchange for military aid during local factional fighting. As a result, American actor Scott Reiniger is (only theoretically) the current Prince. [BBC News article: [ US movie actor is 'Afghan prince'] ]

On June 17, 2004, hundreds of troops of Abdul Salaam Khan, who had rejected the Afghan government's plan to disarm regional militias, attacked Chaghcharan and took over the city in an afternoon-long siege. Eighteen people were killed or wounded in the fighting and province governor Mohammed Ibrahim fled. Three days later the Afghan government announced that it would not retake Chaghcharan. However, Khan and Ibrahim began negotiations soon after, but reached no agreements. Khan's troops left Chaghcharan on June 23, a day ahead of the arrival of an Afghan National Army battalion, led by Lieutenant-General Aminullah Paktiyanai, arrived with the support of about twenty U.S. soldiers.

In his 2004 travel book, "The Places in Between", Rory Stewart travels by foot from Herat to Kabul and on his way, he provides a riveting portrait of Ghor Province as well as much historical information about the region.


The population of Ghor was, and is even today, predominately Tajik.cite encyclopedia |last=Bosworth |first=C. Edmund |encyclopedia=Encyclopædia Iranica |title=GÚUR |url= |accessyear=2008 |accessmonth=January |edition=Online Edition |publisher=Columbia University |location=United States ]

Geography & Weather

Ghor occupies the end of the Hindu Kush mountains. Ghor is 2,500m above sea level and heavy snowfalls often block many of its rugged passes from November to April. It is also a drought-prone area in the summer.


*Chaghcharan (Capital)
*Dawlat Yar
*Du Layna
*Lal Wa Sarjangal


The current Governor of the province is Baz Mohammad Ahmadi. A Lithuanian contingent of the ISAF force is stationed in the province.


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*Buddhism in Afghanistan

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