Set has 464 separate definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary, the most of any English word; its full definition comprises 10,000 words making it the "longest" definition in the OED.

Set may refer to:

In mathematics and science:

*Set (mathematics), a collection of objects in mathematics
*Set (computer science), a datatype that is a collection of unique values
*Set, the category of sets.

In the arts:

*Set construction, dramatic settings for theatrical, movie and video production
*"Set", the basic square formation in square dancing
*Musical set theory, for tone row and diatonic set theory
*Set (music) a collection of discrete entities, for example pitch sets, duration sets, and timbre sets.
*DJ set, a musical performance by a DJ
*"Set" (Thompson Twins album)

In sport and games:

*Set (game), a card game
*"Set", a unit of play in tennis
*"Set", a unit of play in volleyball. Replacing "Game" as of 2008.
*Set (darts), when one player wins three legs
*"Set", a group of repetitions in weightlifting
*"Set", a term for three of a kind in Texas hold-em poker

In crime

*Set, one of the various sub-groups of street gangs, which have significant differences between them such as gang signals, colors, clothing, and operations, especially of the Crips or the Bloods

Referring to a deity:

*Set (mythology), an ancient Egyptian deity
*Set (serpent god), a fictional deity in the literary world of Hyboria by Robert E. Howard for his Conan adventure novels

Miscellaneous uses:

*In consumer electronics, the word "set" -- e.g., "television set" -- indicates that all components required to make the device function (loudspeaker, power supply, transistors, vacuum tubes, etc.) are all installed at the factory. In the early and mid 1920s, all radios were sold "a la carte" -- i.e., the cabinet and chassis, speakers, tubes and power supply (usually a group of three or more wet cell storage batteries) were all purchased separately. With the introduction of alternating current power supplies in 1927, followed by the onset of the Great Depression, manufacturing radio sets rather than individual pieces improved safety and kept costs low.
*Set and setting, coined by Timothy Leary to describe the mindset and location of hallucinogenic experiences
*unicode|"se" root, a term of Sanskrit grammar
*Set (video game), a group of items that adds specific bonuses
*Set River, a river in northeastern Spain
*Sett or set, a network of tunnels making up a badger's homestead.


SET may stand for:
* Sanlih Entertainment Television, a television channel in Taiwan
* Scalar expectancy Theory
* Serial endosymbiosis theory, a theory concerning the origins of mitochondria and plastids
* Secure electronic transaction, a protocol used for credit card processing
* Similarity Enhanced Transfer, a technology used to speed up download rate of files on file sharing networks
* Simulated Emergency Test, an amateur radio training exercise
* Single-Electron Transistor, a device to amplify currents in nanoelectronics,
* Societatea pentru exploatari technice, a Romanian aircraft manufacturer of the 1920s and 1930s
* Society of Engineering Technologists, a student organization at Texas Tech University
* Sony Entertainment Television, a television channel owned by Sony
* South Eastern Trains now run by Southeastern, a public-owned rail company operating in South East England
* Stock Exchange of Thailand, a national stock exchange of Thailand
* Strategic Energy Technologies Plan
* SET Index, an index for Stock Exchange of Thailand
* Study of Exceptional Talent, a program for gifted students with high scores on the SAT in middle school
* Single-Ended Triode, a type of electronic amplifier
* Social Entropy Theory, application of entropy concept to maintenance or disorganisation in society
* School of Engineering Technology
* Selective Employment Tax, a UK tax on non-productive workers introduced in 1966 and abandoned a few years later
* Southeast Toyota Distributors LLC, the world's largest privately owned distributor of Toyota vehicles
* Suzuki SET, Suzuki Exhaust Tuning, a device for altering pressure waves within motorcycle exhausts

ee also

*Seth, a character in the Bible

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