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image_width = 300px
name = AREX
type = passenger
start = Incheon International Airport
end = Gimpo International Airport
stations = 6
open = March 23, 2007
owner = Airport Express Co.
operator = Airport Express Co.
linelength = 37.6km
gauge = RailGauge|sg
el = 37.6km (AC 25000V 60Hz)
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rr=Gonghang Cheoldo
mr=Konghang Ch'ŏlto

AREX is a South Korean railway line that links Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport, with a future section extending to Seoul Station. The line is operated by the Airport Railroad Co. Ltd., whose largest shareholders are Hyundai (27%), Daelim (18%) and POSCO (12%); it is fully privatized.


After significant delays, construction of the line started in 2002. The first 37.6 km segment from Incheon Airport to Gimpo opened on March 23, 2007, [cite web |title=Gimpo-Incheon airport rail opens |url= |language=English |publisher=Korea Herald |date=2007-03-24 |accessdate=2007-03-23] with the remaining length of 20.4 km to Seoul Station scheduled to be operational in January 2010.

The line is being constructed by IKFC (Incheon Korean French Consortium), a consortium headed by Eukorail. Eukorail includes as partners the French company Alstom and the South Korean company ROTEM, and also built the KTX high-speed train line.

The line was initially announced in July 1998 as the Incheon International Airport Railroad (인천국제공항철도), abbreviated I'REX, but was renamed in June 2006.


10,650 for the journey to the city, while commuter services (₩4,250) will operate at 5-to-30 minute intervals, taking 53 minutes.

The trains have a design speed of 120 km/h. Express trains have overhead shelves and comfortable seats similar to those in KTX high-speed trains. Commuter trains are similar to subway trains and do not have overhead shelves. The AREX line is shown in blue on Seoul subway maps, but is not considered a part of the subway network, and thus offers neither free transfers nor free tickets for elderly and handicapped people.


Connecting lines
in Seoul
"A01""Seoul Station" (future)서울역XXLine 1, Line 4, KTX
"A02""Gongdeok" (future)공덕X-Line 5, Line 6, "Gyeongui Line" (planned)
"A03""Hongik University" (future)홍대입구X-Line 2, "Gyeongui Line" (planned)
"A04""Digital Media City" (future)디지털미디어시티X-Line 6, "Gyeongui Line" (planned)
A05Gimpo Airport김포공항XXLine 5, "Line 9" (under construction)
in Incheon
A06Gyeyang계양X-Incheon Subway Line 1
A07Geomam검암X-"Incheon Subway Line 2" (planned)
A09Incheon Int'l Airport Cargo Terminal공항화물청사X-
A10Incheon International Airport인천국제공항XX

Earlier plans to link Yongsan Station have been dropped. There are plans to offer through services via Gimpo Airport from the commuter line to Seoul Subway Line 9 (under construction).

Phase 2 construction

Phase 2 of the line from Gimpo Airport Station to Seoul Station is due for completion in 2010. At Gimpo airport the line is deep in tunnel, it heads north east and rises to the surface to cross the Han River on a new bridge. The line curves to the east and descends into tunnel to go below Susaek bridge. The line is being built in a cut and cover tunnel running parallel to mainline railway to Susaek Station. From Susaek to Gajwa railway station there is a short section being constructed using the "Tubular Roof and Trench Tunnelling method". From Gajwa there is another short section not in cut and cover before the open trench reappears. The trench follows the line of the previously existing Yongsan railway line traces of which can still be found at a couple of the roads that cross the work sites. Near Hongik University there is more major excavation for the new station which will connect with Seoul Subway Line 2. The trench continues to Gongdeok-dong where there will be another station. The line then continues in bored tunnel under the hill to come out on the west side of Seoul Station. With the completion of phase two, it is anticipated to see increase in passengers by facilitating KTX-International Flight connections.


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