List of magical terms and traditions

This is a list of magical terms and traditions dealing with various occult practices, traditions, and components of magic. This list is not intended for topics like stage magic, illusion, or other entertainment-based definition. It is also not for strictly paranormal topics, such as those dealing with UFOs, aliens, ghosts, near-death experiences, ESP, or other such articles.


*Abbey of Thelema
*Abramelin oil
*Akashic Records
*Alphabet of Desire
*Argenteum Astrum
*Ascended master
*Astral projection
*Astrological age
*Astrological aspect
*Astrology and alchemy
*Astrology and the classical elements
*Astrology and numerology
*Automatic writing


*Black magic
*Body of light


*Ceremonial magic
*Chaos magic
*Classical element
*Collective Unconscious
*Cone of power
*Crystal Power




*Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness
*Elemental magick
*Esoteric cosmology


*Fama Fraternitatis
* Familiar


*Geomantic figures


*Holy Guardian Angel








*List of occultists
*List of occult writers
*Legendary creature


*Magic (paranormal)
*Magic circle
*Magical formula
*Mathers table
*Methods of divination
*Mystery religion


*Natural philosophy
*New Age


*Obeah and Wanga


*Paradigm piracy
*Planetary hours
*Pow-wow (folk magic)
*Pyramid power


*Quantum mysticism


*Reality Hacking


*Secret Chiefs
*Seven Rays
*Sex magic


*Table of correspondences
* Tarot divination
*Thelemic mysticism
*True Will








*Zos Kia Cultus

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