Felipe Barral Momberg

Felipe Barral Momberg

Felipe Barral Momberg is a Chilean artist. He is a writer, musician, artist & photographer. He has a Master degree in Philosophy, and also is a journalist. He lives in the United States and is working as an Assignment Editor/Producer in CNN en Español in Atlanta, where he also hosts and produces a weekly segment called Juego de Palabras (Play on Words). He covers art, culture & literature, interviewing artists and doing packages that air in shows within CNN en Español. The balance between art and reality have become the source of his ideas.

At an early age he start developing his own voice in colors, music and words. In a certain way, he recovered the vision of Leonardo da Vinci about the man like a complete being; a creative being able of the unthinkable thing. He express himself through his poems and novels, his music and his paintings, creating sometimes multimedia projects as well. He developed his own painting technique: a mixed processes of airbrush & hand on paper, canvas or glass. He’s works goes from enigmatic textures to oneiric passages of deeply poetic and philosophical content.


2006 MAP – STOCK & US The author is working on a trilogy of novels: MAP (de Militares a Pajaritos), STOCK and US (Under Siege). The series is the quest of CNN Journalist Santiago Kovalsky, who first try to leave both the story of 9/11 (both in Chile and in the United States), but then realized he can never escape his destiny, finding through unique characters the real identity of those who make the world spins.

2006 FUGATAR The author has finished a collection of short stories that has all the power of Fugatar’s songs (the author’s band), and at the same time, explore the dark side Fugatar, the character that create the name for the band.

2006 POETRY AS THE INNER LANGUAGE OF THE THOUGHT This is the thesis the author wrote at the end of his Master in Philosophy studies. Is an essay where he explain why poetry is at the beginning of every thought, and that human beings can only fulfil their potential when they start living without obeying the principle of necessary reason.

2006 ANNIEL This the book that comes after Murberon. There’s again 54 poems and 54 photographs of female nude in black & white, but now exploring the body of a pregnant woman... is Murberon giving birth to Anniel, her daughter.

2006 HARDEN Harden is a multimedia book project that presents 13 short stories (in the line of The Lord of the Rings), where each story has his own song, his own painting and his own photograph.

2001 AION Book of selected poems that reveals the inner circle that create all my poetry. Édak Ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 2001.

2000 THE BOOK OF ISAMAR A big collection of poems that includes two books in one. Both poetry works explore the fine line that thought is walking in our times, revealing the union of poetry and philosophy. Édak Ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 2000.

1998 MÚRBERON, the True Paper of Poetry. Quality and beautiful finished book with 54 poems and 54 photographs of female nude in black and white, all by the same author that explores the eternal theme of love. Édak Ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 1998.

1998 SLEEP A book of one poem written with the Philosopher Gioconda Secchi Rossini when both get married. Édak Ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 1998.


2006 MÚRBERON, the True Paper of Poetry This is a rock symphony composed specially for the bilingual edition of Múrberon, that mix both, the powerful rock guitar, bass & drum of the modern rock with the fragile passages of the acoustic guitar. The symphony has 3 movements, each of them with 5 parts or songs.

2006 FUGATAR –A Revolution of one-Fugatar is Felipe Barral Momberg’s band. They play a modern rock music which mix different styles, from Metallica to Massive Attack, with Dead can Dance, Tool and J.S. Bach in between. All the lyrics, music and art design is done by the artist. A Revolution of One is their first album (unpublished yet)

2003 BABILON –the Gate of Hell-This is a project written when the war in Iraq began. So before, during and after those events, he started writing the visions of a new dangerous world where some men wants to conquer while others wants to destroy. He composed and wrote 49 songs and 49 poems for this project, all embrace by a multimedia idea.

2003 ANALYA’S WEDDING Soundtrack composed for the wedding of Analya Céspedes & Phillip Dupont in Washington, DC.

2002 THE LAST RITESoundtrack composed for the short movie The Last Rites, by the director Miguel Letelier. This film was broadcast on the IFC Channel and several festivals around the world.

2002 THE BEGGER Soundtrack composed for the short movie The Begger, by the director Miguel Letelier, specially to be performed live with the screen of the movie.

1999 NOSFERATU Soundtrack composed for the silent film of the German master F.W. Murnau: Nosferatu (1922); sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany. We release the CD and did two month of performances with the film in 16mm. And me playing as the old piano man. Édak Ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 1999.


2006 VASES EXHIBITION First exhibition with the vases that the author is painting. He is pushing the limits of his unique technique, now painting in three dimensional objects. Seven vases were in exhibition at the Juliette Gallery in the Tula Arts Center, in Atlanta. 2003 ARTIST AT THE “QUIET PLACES, LOUD THOUGHTS” EXHIBITION First collective exhibition in New York City, as part of the Agora Gallery exhibition “Quiet Places, Loud Thoughts”, in the middle of the Soho. Five paintings were displayed.

2002 ARTIST AT THE “FRESH!” SHOWPerformance at the opening ceremony of Fresh!, a group art showcase presented by Fifth Class, an art collective based in Atlanta, GA. One poem and one photograph of the book “Múrberon” were included in the exhibition catalogue.

1999 EXHIBITION OF MÚRBERONExhibition of the poems and photographs of Múrberon at the Art Gallery “Jo”, Santiago, Chile (January, 1999).

1999 EXHIBITION OF MÚRBERONExhibition of the poems and photographs of Múrberon at the Art Gallery of Marbella Resort; Marbella, Chile (February, 1999).

1999 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION OF MÚRBERONVirtual exhibition of photographs of Múrberon in the web page of the photographic laboratory “Technology One” (January to March, 1999).

1996 – 1996 PAINTER FOR DOLMEN BOOKSThe author has been the painter for Dolmen Books, doing the covers of the books: "Ethic and Action" by Francisco Varela (1996); "The Chilean Enterprise Revolution" by Cecilia Montero (1997); "Human Formation and Qualification" by Humberto Maturana and Sima Nisis (1997); and "The Objectivity " by Humberto Maturana (1997).

1996 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION OF MY PAINTINGSIndividual exhibition in the virtual art gallery of the Web page of the bookstore World Book Centre (1996).

1996 EXHIBITION IN THE GALLERY OF THE ASTONISHMENTIndividual exhibition at the “Gallery of the Astonishment”, a project created by the author installed in the shopping center “Drugstore Gallery”, Santiago, Chile (1996).

1996 FLASH EXHIBITION OF THE ASTONISHMENTIndividual exhibition at the “Gallery of the Astonishment”, a project created by the author installed in the downtown streets of Santiago, Chile (1996).

1994 EXHIBITION OF POSTAL ART RELATED TO HUIDOBROCollective exhibition of Postal Art related to the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile (1994).

1991 COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONCollective exhibition in the Medicine Faculty of the University of Chile, Santiago (1991).

1991 “OJO CON EL ARTE” EXHIBITION & REVIEWExhibition of two paintings in the TV program “Eye with the Art” of National Television, anchored by the master Nemesio Antúnez (1991).

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