The Koala Brothers

The Koala Brothers

"The Koala Brothers" is an animated children's television show that features the adventures of two brothers, Frank and Buster, as they seek to help their neighbors in a sleepy town in the Australian Outback. A notable quality of the series is that although there can be differences of opinion and occasional instances of antisocial or thoughtless behaviour, there are no villains or disagreeable characters. Rather, the emphasis is on helping and being a good friend.

The show uses traditional stop-motion animation techniques and is made by UK's Spellbound Entertainment. It is broadcast in the UK on CBeebies and Cyw (in its Welsh Version, Y Brodyr Coala), in America on the Disney Channel, in Australia on ABC Kids, in Canada on Télé-Québec, Knowledge, SCN, Access, TVOntario, and Treehouse TV, in Portugal on RTP2 and in Brazil on the Discovery Kids Channel (in Portuguese and English).

It is also shown on BBC Two Scotland, where a Gaelic verson is shown, Na Braithrean Cuideachail, it is made by BBC Alba.

In most English speaking countries it is narrated by Jonathan Coleman


Broadcast episode formats vary slightly between countries, though the core material of each episode, featuring the brothers assisting one of their friends and overcoming a problem, such as jealousy, fear, or the failure to share, does not change. In Australia, the show runs in episodes of around 12 minutes (though these are broadcast in pairs on Nick Jr), with the opening song "Call The Koala Brothers" repeated in instrumental form over the credits. CBeebies eliminates the introduction and closing song to squeeze the program into a 10-minute format.

In the 30-minute broadcast version, the show opens with the theme song and then the narrator introduces Frank and Buster as they fly in their yellow two-seater propeller monoplane above the Outback. The supporting cast is introduced as the narrator asks "Who do you think the Koala Brothers are going to help today?" Each 30-minute episode ends with "The Helping Song", in which all the characters gather at the Koala Brothers' homestead and sing about always trying to help and caring for one another.


*Frank the koala is the pilot of the plane. He has demonstrated excellent skills in tennis and was the only member of the community able to defeat Archie, though he admitted it was probably just luck. He also fostered an interest in pottery at one point but did not have any great artistic ability.

*Buster the koala sits behind Frank in their plane and uses his telescope to spot friends in need from the air. He is always willing to provide a pep talk or a hug to his friends. He speaks more softly than Frank and has a small tuft of hair on the top of his head. Buster loves to bake, especially butter cookies.

*Mitzi the possumFact|date=July 2008 lives in a room in the Koala brothers' homestead that is not directly connected to the rest of the house and is accessible only from outside. Mitzi has a nervous, excitable personality and can be controlling and bossy. She exerts a great deal of influence over Ned the Little Wombat and seems to fill the role of a big sister to Ned. She often needs the Koala Brothers' help in overcoming her dominant, perfectionist, controlling personality.

*Ned the wombat is apparently the youngest member of the local community and lives in a trailer next door to the Koala Brothers' homestead. He is often unsure of himself, but he dreams of adventure as an explorer or a sea captain. He is very determined, and easily fixated on an idea.

*George the tortoise is the local mail carrier. He has no known residence but is always seen delivering the mail with his trusty leather satchel. He is very proud of being a mail carrier and tells the best campfire stories in the outback. He also has an interest in stamp collecting.

*Sammy the echidna lives in town and owns the local general store, which sells fuel in addition to comestibles. His sole employee is Josie. He has the least amount of problems, after the Koala Brothers.

*Josie the kangaroo works at the general store and is great friends with Mitzi.

*Alice the platypus works at the local cafe and appears to be the sole employee, though it is not clear if she owns the cafe. She is very forgetful, to the point of having severe short-term memory problems. She rides a green motor-scooter around, which has its share of engine problems. She loves to bake and one of her few talents is following recipes, although she is also good at reading maps.

*Archie the crocodile lives in a well-appointed cottage near the local watering hole. He is always exercising, stretching, or playing tennis, and is renowned at being the best at almost every sport. He is British, and has an upper-crust demeanor.

*Penny the penguin is an explorer who lives in Antarctica, but has visited the outback on occasions and keeps up a regular written correspondence with the Koala Brothers. She does not speak English, but communicates with cooing like that of a human infant.

*Lolly the emu is the local ice cream vendor and can often be seen driving her ice cream truck around.

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