Flag of Cape Verde

The national Flag of Cape Verde was adopted on September 22, 1992 and symbolized a break in relations with Guinea-Bissau, with whom Cape Verde was to unite.


The 10 stars on the flag represent the main islands of the nation (a chain of islands off the coast of Africa). The blue colour represents the ocean and the sky. The band of white and red represents the road toward the construction of the nation, and the colours stand for peace (white) and effort (red). The yellow colour and circular formation of the stars, as well as the dark blue colour of the field show some similarity to the flag of the European Union. The stripes are in 6:1:1:1:3 ratio, and the circle of stars is centered 3/8 along the fly.


The Constitution of the Republic [ [http://www.parlamento.cv/constituicao/const02.htm Art. 8 of the Constitution of the Republic — in Portuguese] ] does not specify which are the official proportions for the height and for the width of the flag. The dimensions of the several parts partes that make up the flag are given proportionally to the dimensions of the sides, without specifying those dimensions. However, the proportion most widely used is 2:3 [ [http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/cv.html#specs Cape Verde flag in Flags of the World] ] , which is the same proportion that was used in the flag prior to 1992. Consequentely, the proportion of 2:3 is the "de facto" (but not "de jure") proportion.

Color shades

The Constitution does not specify either which are the official shade colors for the flag colors. However, the most widely used color shades are the primary colors of the RYB color model:Consequentely, these color shades are the "de facto" (but not "de jure") color shades.


The original flag was introduced on independence in 1975, with the common African colours of red, green and yellow; it is identical to the flag of Guinea-Bissau except with the charge in the hoist-side stripe.


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* [http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/pt_col.html Flags of portuguese colonies]

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