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"Sound on Sound" is a term used to describe the technique of multitrack recording, specifically process that Les Paul invented for recording one sound on top of another.

Sound on Sound is also a monthly music technology magazine published by SOS Publications Group, based in Cambridge, UK. The magazine includes product tests of electronic musical performance and recording devices, and interviews with industry professionals.


The magazine was launched in 1985 on the UK Channel 4 television programme, "The Tube". At the time of its launch, text for the magazine was edited on BBC Model B computers and pages were physically pasted together with wax [Sound on Sound - 20th Anniversary Edition, November 2005] . The modern magazine is full-colour throughout and led the way in using colour as much as possible through its pages when other magazines used colour only for the front cover and special features [Ibid] . In August 2004 [ [http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=7991 SOS official site] ] , the magazine, primarily aimed at the recording studio market and the home recording enthusiast, launched a "live sound" supplement.

Editorial staff

As at April 2007, the main editorial staff are [Sound on Sound, April 2007] :-

* Editor-in-Chief Paul White
* Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns
* Publisher Dave Lockwood
* Features Editor Sam Inglis
* Reviews Editor David Glasper
* Reviews Editor Matt Houghton
* News Editor Chris Mayes-Wright
* Production Editor Debbie Poyser
* Editorial Assistant Chris Korff

* Managing Director Ian Gilby

External links

* [http://www.soundonsound.com "Sound On Sound" website] - includes an extensive searchable archive of articles.


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