Isfahan Province

Isfahan Province
استان اصفهان
—  Province  —
Map of Iran with Isfahan highlighted
Location of Isfahan within Iran
Coordinates: 32°39′28″N 51°40′09″E / 32.6577°N 51.6692°E / 32.6577; 51.6692Coordinates: 32°39′28″N 51°40′09″E / 32.6577°N 51.6692°E / 32.6577; 51.6692
Country  Iran
Capital Isfahan
Counties 22
 – Total 107,029 km2 (41,324.1 sq mi)
Population (2006)[1]
 – Total 4,559,256
 – Density 42.6/km2 (110.3/sq mi)
Time zone IRST (UTC+03:30)
 – Summer (DST) IRST (UTC+04:30)
Main language(s) Predominantly Persian.
Minority: Bakhtiari Luri, Qashqai, Georgian, Armenian languages in some regions of the province
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Isfahan Province (Persian: استان اصفهان‎ Ostān-e Esfahān), also transliterated as Esfahan, Espahan, Sepahan or Isphahan, is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in the center of the country. Its capital is the city of Isfahan.



The province of Esfahan covers an area of approximately 107,027 square km and is situated in the center of Iran. To its north, stand the Markazi (Central) Province and the provinces of Qom and Semnan. To its south, it is bordered by the provinces of Fars, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. Aminabad is the most southern city of Esfahan province just 2km north of the border. To the east, it is bordered by the province of Yazd. To the west, it is bordered by the province of Lurestan and to the southwest by the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari.

Esfahan province has enjoyed the benefit of being capital of Persia for 200 years during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The city of Esfahan is the provincial capital; and the counties of this province are as follows: Aran va Bidgol, Ardestan, Esfahan, Shahinshahr and Meymeh, Khomeini Shahr, Khansar, (The Upper) Semirom, Fereydan, Fereydunshahr, Falavarjan, Kashan, Golpayegan, Khomeini-shahr, Lanjan, Mobarakeh, Nain, Najaf Abad, Lower Semirom (Dehaghan), Shahreza, Anarak and Natanz; 18 townships, 38 counties, 67 cities, and 2470 villages in all. According to the census in the year 2006, the population of the province was 4,559,256 of which approximately 83.3 percent were urban residents and 16.7 percent resided in the rural areas. The literacy rate was 88.65 percent.

The province experiences a moderate and dry climate on the whole, ranging between 40.6 °C and 10.6 °C on a cold day in the winter season. The average annual temperature has been recorded as 16.7 °C and the annual rainfall on an average has been reported as 116.9 mm. The city of Esfahān however experiences an excellent climate, with four distinct seasons.

History and culture

Kashan is another cultural jewel of the province. Seen here is the Agha Bozorg Mosque.

Historians have recorded initially as a defense and military base. The security and protection of the gradually increasing castles and fortifications, thereby, would provide the protection of residents nearby, therefore leading to the growth of large settlements nearby. These historical castles were Atashgah, Sarooyieh, Tabarok, Kohan Dej, and Gard Dej to name a few. The oldest of these is Ghal'eh Sefeed and the grounds at Tamijan from prehistoric times. The historic village of Abyaneh, a nationwide attraction, also has Sassanid ruins and fire temples among other historical relics.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Esfahan province enjoyed high standards of prosperity as it became the capital of Safavid Persia. While the city of Esfahan was their seat of monarchy, Kashan was their place of vacation and leisure.

Esfahan province encompasses various sects today. The majority of the people in the province are Persian speakers, but Bakhtiari Lurs, Georgians, Armenians, Qashqais and Persian Jews also reside in the province. The official language of the province is Persian, though different ethnic groups and tribes abide by their own language such as Judeo-Persian, Armenian, Georgian, Qashqai Turkic or Bakhtiari Lurish. Esfahan province is noted for its reputed personalities such as writers, poets and other imminent figures who have been born and brought up or have lived in this territory.

Tourist Attractions

Isfahan is unique city. It is an important historical center for main different group of tourists in the domestic and international in the world. The central historical region and the area called Seeosepol (the name of a famous bridge) - Naghsheh Gahan square - Shaigh Lotofolah Masque - Imam Masque - Ali Ghapoo palace - Seeosepol bridge - Ghaisarieh bazaar - Ghaisarieh bazaar entrance - Chehel setoon building - Chahar Bagh complex - Jameh Mosque - Hasht Behesht Building - Charhar Bagh school - Recreation center - Ashraf saloon - Khajoo bridge - Flower Gorden - Birds Garden - Water Fulls Park - Bozorg bazaar - Zargarha bazaar - Honar bazaar - Honar Museum - Rangrazha bazaar - Ferdosi Bridge - Darol shafa bazaar - Shishehgarha bazaar - Mokhels saray - Golshan saray - Haj Karim saray - Kodak Boston - Tofang and shamshir bazaar - Najvan park - Shahrestan Bridge - Safeh park - Folad Takht - Leleh park - Baba Roknoldin cemetery - Shahsheham Boghah - Ghasr Darb - Baghoshkaneh park - Isargarn park - Zalyandeh rood Bostan - Melat Bostan - Aeneh Khaneh Bostan - Abozar bridge - Sadi Booston - Osan commercial complex - Carpet shopping center - Vanak church - Maryam church - Chehel Dokhtaran Monareh - Dardasht Monareh - Sareban Monareh - Shaigh Bahaee public bath - Ghazvineha house - Baitollham church - Darolziafeh Monareh - Petros house - Darid house - Jewish church - Mesri Mosque - Koshk Darb - Malek Gorestan - Ghazviniha Museum - Lebnon Mosque - Khat Museum - Shohada Museum - Halal Ahmar Museum - Shaikholeslam house - Safa Mosque - Ali Agha public bath - Jolfa chuch - Bazi shahr - Atashgah - Monar Jonban - Ghadir cultural complex - Japense garden - Daeme exhibition - Ibrahim Emam zadeh - Khan Mosque - Ghodsi house - Laleh park - Haghighi house - Baba Ghasam cemetery - Massod Boghaeh - Haronieh Imam Zadeh - Ismeel Imam zadeh - Ahmad Imam Zadeh - Ali Mosque - Malek shahr complex - Hassan Abad bazaar - Yakob church - Marta house - Narsis church - Bidabad bazaar - Soltani complex - Shahzadeghan Bogheh - Mirza Kochek khan park - Ghadir recreational cultural complex ([2])

Islamic Azad University

  1. Islamic Azad University of Majlesi
  2. Islamic Azad University of Khorasgan
  3. Islamic Azad University of Khomeini Shahr
  4. Islamic Azad University of Naeen
  5. Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad
  6. Golpayegan
  7. Kashan University


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  2. ^ Seifolddini-Faranak; M. S. Fard; Hosseini Ali

See also

Further readings on the Georgians of Isfahan Province

  • Muliani, S. (2001) The Georgians’ position in the Iranian history and civilization (Jaygah-e Gorjiha dar Tarikh va Farhang va Tammadon-e Iran) , Esfahan: Yekta
  • Rahimi, M.M. (2001) The Georgians of Iran; Fereydunshahr (Gorjiha-ye Iran; Fereydunshahr), Esfahan: Yekta
  • Sepiani, M. (1979) Georgian Iranians (Iranian-e Gorji), Esfahan: Arash
  • Isfahan's tourist exhibition mentions the Georgians from Fereydunshahr and Fereydan. The report of this exhibition is available in the web site of the Iranian Cultural Heritage News agency. [3]
  • Saakashvili visited Fereydunshahr and put flowers on the graves of the Iranian Georgian martyrs' graves, showing respect towards this community [4]

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