Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School is a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1906 as Boys Technology and Trade School, and changed its name to Milwaukee Trade & Technical High School in 1976, after women were admitted. The school's name was changed to its present one in 2002 following a donation by Jane Pettit, widow of Lloyd Pettit. Tech specialzies in Construction,Communications,Manufacturing and Design. The 2006 graduation ceremony was recorded live for the new channels broadcasting in Milwaukee. The class of 2006 was the first to complete all four years in the new building.

Renovations to the school were completed on November 11, 2002. The former Boys Tech building was removed in 2006 using Milwaukee City and MPS funds. The area is being converted to an athletic field and park thanks to a grant from the NFL and a local donation. Depending on the outcome of a further funding request to the NFL, the playing field be changed from grass to artificial turf. A grandstand may also be added to the facility allowing Tech to be only the fifth city school to host football games.

The school has paired with Rufus King High School, another high school in the city, to produce a FIRST robotics team, [ Team 1675] , which attended many events over the last two years.


Tech's mascot is Tuffy the Trojan. The school colors are purple, silver and white.

On many occasions, Tech was named City Champions. Ladies volleyball did an outstanding 2005-2006 season, placing third in the city after Bay View and Riverside. As of 2006, the boys baseball team is undefeated. Also, as of 2007, The girls softball team is in third place in City.

Despite the lack of a home field, Tech has traditionally been one of the strongest football schools in the city. In 1986 Tech became the only City Conference school to ever play for the WIAA Division 1 football championship. They eventually lost the title game to two-time defending champion Manitowoc 28-20.

Tech's long time rival is Bay View High School Red Cats.


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