Which Wich?

Which Wich? is a chain of sandwich restaurants. The yellow-and-black clad franchise began in Dallas, TX. Their original location is at 1410 Main St. Dallas. Which Wich? has a growing number of franchisees. They are located in both the Galleria Dallas mall and the Northpark Mall, also in Dallas.

Which Wich? has a unique ordering system, where each customer grabs a preprinted sandwich bag from one of ten broad varieties. These bags have five or six specific choices of sandwich. The customer marks their choice, along with the toppings and spread desired. After paying for the meal, the brown bag is clamped and placed on a metal wire. After the first stage of toppings is complete, the sandwich is placed in the oven and the clamped bag is thrown down the wire to the second station. When the sandwich is completed the employees will yell out the name written on the bag and place it on the counter for the customer to grab.

Current Locations

*Glendale, Arizona
*Mesa, Arizona
*Tucson, Arizona
*Fort Collins, Colorado
*Boulder, Colorado
*Denver, Colorado
*Westminster, Colorado
*Altamonte Springs, Florida
*Hapeville, Georgia
*Athens, Georgia
*Norcross, Georgia
*Iowa City, Iowa
*Bixby, Oklahoma
*Norman, Oklahoma
*Tulsa, Oklahoma
*Columbia, Missouri
*Columbia, South Carolina
*Franklin, Tennessee
*Nashville, Tennessee
*Austin, Texas (8 locations, 1 more opening soon)
*Dallas, Texas (4 locations)
*Arlington, Texas
*Fort Worth, Texas
*Houston, Texas (3 locations)
*Lubbock, Texas
*McAllen, Texas (1 location, 1 more opening soon)
*Plano, Texas (2 locations)
*San Antonio, Texas (2 locations)
*San Marcos, Texas
*Southlake, Texas
*College Station, Texas
*Richardson, Texas
*Tucson, Arizona
*Flower Mound, Texas
*McKinney, Texas
*Addison, Texas
*Lewisville, Texas

External links

* [http://www.whichwich.com Which Wich? Official Web Site]

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