Moscow Monorail Transit System

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The Moscow Monorail Transit System (MMTS) ( _ru. Московская монорельсовая транспортная система (ММТС)) - is a monorail system located in the Severo-Vostochny (Norh-Eastern) administrative district of Moscow (Russia). With a length of 4.7 kilometres, it links the Timiryazevskaya and VDNKh metro stations and has four other intermediate stops. Planning started in 1998 and the line was opened to passengers on November 30, 2004, although only "in a touring mode". On January 10, 2008 the monorail began to operate normal services, which meant the reduction of ticket prices from about $2 to the common price of Moscow rapid transport tickets, as well as more frequent trains.


* Timiryázevskaya ( _ru. Тимиря́зевская, [ map] )
* Úlitsa Milashénkova ( _ru. У́лица Милаше́нкова, [ map] )
* Teletséntr (Television centre, _ru. Телеце́нтр, [ map] )
* Úlitsa Akadémika Korolyóva ( _ru. У́лица Акаде́мика Королёва, [ map] )
* Výstavotchny tsentr (Exhibition centre, _ru. Вы́ставочный центр, [ map] )
* Úlitsa Sergéya Eisenshteina ( _ru. У́лица Серге́я Эйзенште́йна, [ map] )

The MMTS shares a united station code system with Moscow Metro station.

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