Lithium-based grease

Lithium-based grease, often referred to simply as "lithium grease", is a lubricant grease to which lithium compounds have been added, giving it higher performance and temperature tolerance. Some formulations also include PTFE and/or other substances, such as molybdenum compounds.

Lithium grease adheres well to metal, is non-corrosive, and may be used under heavy loads. It has a drip temperature of 190° to 220°C (350° to 400°F) and it resists moisture, so it is commonly used as lubricant in household products, such as electric garage doors.

Lithium grease is formed by the same kind of reaction that forms other greases. Lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate is reacted with fatty acids, particularly 12-hydroxy stearic acid, to form salts that disperse into and viscosify oils to form stable gels.

Most commonly used in the Automotive Industry

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*Silicone grease

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