Filemon "Momoy" Cañete

Filemon "Momoy" Cañete (October 12, 1904 - 1995) was the chief instructor of the Doce Pares eskrima club for 55 years until his death.

Born on Cebu Island, Momoy was part of Cebu's famed Cañete clan of eskrimadors. His brothers included Eulogio (Euling), Tirso, Ciriaco (Cacoy), Rufino and Silvestre.

Together with Lorenzo Saavedra, Teodoro Saavedra, Rostico Cobarrubias and others they formed the Labangon Fencing Club in 1920. In 1932, Momoy again joined both Saavedras and his other brothers to form the Doce Pares Club.

Momoy gained a reputation for not only being an accomplished martial artist and self-defense expert but for being fair and honest person - one who valued a person's character of utmost importance. In addition, during the golden years of eskrima, where challenges and death matches were a regular occurrence, Momoy provided the Doce Pares with its stable of fighters. Momoy was also a well known musician, faith healer and herbalist. He was a religious man that practiced oracions and palabras. Fact|date=February 2007

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