Sequenza XI

Sequenza XI

"Sequenza XI for solo Guitar" (1987–1988) is one of a series of Sequenzas by Luciano Berio. Written for the American guitarist Eliot Fisk, it is an innovative investigation into the dramatic and virtuosic possibilities of musical performance.

The work carries a simple form, with a dramatic multitextural section leading into a calm resolution (if such a thing exists in Berio's music) at the end. The guitar Sequenza is also one of the longest Sequenzas, the longest being "Sequenza XII", the bassoon "Sequenza". A variety of guitar techniques are explored in this piece including rasqueado (from the flamenco tradition), tremolo, glissando, harmonics, tambour (percussive effects). In terms of harmony, the work is based on the guitar's characteristic harmony/tuning, i.e., the interval of a perfect fourth. Set class 6-7 also underlies most of the linear material.Fact|date=September 2008

"Sequenza XI" is a standard work for guitarists who have chosen avant-garde modern classical music as a part of their repertoire, e.g., [ Denis Sung-Hô] ("Sequenza"'s performance with members of the Ensemble InterContemporain), Stefan Östersjö, Todd Seelye, Mats Scheidegger, [ Geoffrey Morris] , Pablo Gómez, Pablo Márquez, [ Alan Thomas] , Jürgen Ruck, etc.: it has been recorded numerous times (see below).

[ "Chemins V"] by Berio is a work by Berio based on "Sequenza XI", for guitar and ensemble.

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* [ Information] (IRCAM) fr icon
* [ A Polyphonic Mode Of Listening] Luciano Berio’s "Sequenza XI" For Guitar (Thesis by Mark David Porcaro)

"Sequenza XI" performances (mp3, etc.)

* [ Sequenza XI] (mp3) by [ Karim Samah] ( [ altern.] )
* [ Sequenza XI] ( by [ Giulio Tampalini]
* [ Sequenza XI] (mp3) by Pablo Sáinz Villegas ( [ video flv] )

"Sequenza XI" recordings

* [ Hexade, six tributes to guitar music of our epoch] (2001, [ CD's Audio production] [] ) by [ Karim Samah] ( [ altern.] )
* [ Short Sounds] (2001, [ nosag records] ) by Magnus Andersson
* [ The complete Sequenzas] (2006, [ mode] ) by [ Seth Josel]
* [ Push] (2000, [ Gale Recordings] by [ Michael Nicolella]
* [ New Dutch Guitar Music] (2006, [ CYBELE] ) by [ Diangelo Cicilia]
* [ Contemporary Guitar] (1997, Antes Concerto editions) by [ Giulio Tampalini]
* [ Evolución] (1999, [ Acoustic Music Records] ) by [ Jens Wagner]
* [ Canzoni - Italian Music for Guitar] by [ Franz Halasz]
* [ Sequenza] by [ Njål Vindenes]
* [ Berio: Sequenzas I-XIV] by Pablo Sáinz Villegas
* [ Sequenza!] ( [ exact same as in compilation Berio Sequenzas] ) by Eliot Fisk
*Avant-Garde Guitar (DECCA) by [ Eduardo Fernández]
* [ Sheer Pluck] by Todd Seelye
* [ Robot Dream] by [ Peter Yates]

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