name = Psittaculini

status =
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Psittaciformes
familia = Psittacidae
subfamilia = Psittacinae
tribus = Psittaculini
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = "Psittinus"

Psittaculini is a tribe of parrots of the Psittacidae family. The subdivisions within the tribe are controversial.

Tribe Psittaculini

* Genus "Psittinus"
** Blue-rumped Parrot, "Psittinus cyanurus"
* Genus "Psittacella"
** Brehm's Tiger Parrot, "Psittacella brehmii"
** Painted Tiger Parrot, "Psittacella picta"
** Modest Tiger Parrot, "Psittacella modesta"
** Madarasz's Tiger Parrot, "Psittacella madaraszi"
* Genus "Geoffroyus"
** Red-cheeked Parrot, "Geoffroyus geoffroyi"
** Blue-collared Parrot, "Geoffroyus simplex"
** Singing Parrot, "Geoffroyus heteroclitus"
* Genus "Prioniturus"
** Luzon Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus montanus"
** Mindanao Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus waterstradti"
** Blue-headed Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus platenae"
** Green Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus luconensis"
** Blue-crowned Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus discurus"
** Blue-winged Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus verticalis" (also known as Sulu Racquet-tail)
** Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus flavicans"
** Golden-mantled Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus platurus"
** Buru Racquet-tail, "Prioniturus mada"
* Genus "Tanygnathus"
** Great-billed Parrot, "Tanygnathus megalorynchos"
** Blue-naped Parrot, "Tanygnathus lucionensis"
** Blue-backed Parrot, "Tanygnathus sumatranus"
** Black-lored Parrot, "Tanygnathus gramineus"
* Genus "Eclectus"
** Eclectus Parrot, "Eclectus roratus"
** †Pacific Eclectus Parrot, "Eclectus infectus" (extinct or prehistoric)
* Genus "Alisterus"
** Australian King Parrot, "Alisterus scapularis"
** Moluccan King Parrot, "Alisterus amboinensis"
** Papuan King Parrot, "Alisterus chloropterus"
* Genus "Aprosmictus"
** Olive-shouldered Parrot, "Aprosmictus jonquillaceus"
** Red-winged Parrot, "Aprosmictus erythropterus"
* Genus "Polytelis"
** Superb Parrot, "Polytelis swainsonii"
** Regent Parrot, "Polytelis anthopeplus"
** Princess Parrot, "Polytelis alexandrae"
* Genus "Psittacula"
** Alexandrine Parakeet, "Psittacula eupatria"
** †Seychelles Parakeet, "Psittacula wardi" (extinct)
** Rose-ringed Parakeet, "Psittacula krameri"
** †Réunion Parakeet, "Psittacula (eques) eques" (extinct, disputed)
** Mauritius Parakeet, "Psittacula (eques) echo"
** †Newton's Parakeet, "Psittacula exsul" (extinct)
** Slaty-headed Parakeet, "Psittacula himalayana"
** Grey-headed Parakeet, "Psittacula finschii"
** Plum-headed Parakeet, "Psittacula cyanocephala"
** Blossom-headed Parakeet, "Psittacula roseata"
** Malabar Parakeet, "Psittacula columboides"
** Layard's Parakeet, "Psittacula calthropae"
** Derbyan Parakeet, "Psittacula derbiana"
** Red-breasted Parakeet, "Psittacula alexandri"
** Nicobar Parakeet, "Psittacula caniceps"
** Long-tailed Parakeet, "Psittacula longicauda"
* Genus "Loriculus"
** Vernal Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus vernalis"
** Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus beryllinus"
** Colasisi, "Loriculus philippensis"
** Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus galgulus"
** Sulawesi Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus stigmatus"
** Sula Hanging-parrot, "Loriculus sclateri"
** Moluccan Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus amabilis"
** Sangihe Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus catamene"
** Papuan Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus aurantiifrons"
** Green-fronted Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus tener"
** Red-billed Hanging-parrot, "Loriculus exilis" (also called Pygmy Hanging Parrot)
** Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus pusillus"
** Wallace's Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus flosculus"
** Camiguin Hanging Parrot, "Loriculus camiguinensis"
*Genus "Agapornis" (lovebirds)
**Peach-faced Lovebird, "Agapornis roseicollis"
**Masked Lovebird, "Agapornis personata"
**Fischer's Lovebird, "Agapornis fischeri"
**Nyasa Lovebird, "Agapornis lilianae"
**Black-cheeked Lovebird, "Agapornis nigrigenis"
**Madagascar Lovebird, "Agapornis canus"
**Abyssinian Lovebird, "Agapornis taranta"
**Red-faced Lovebird, "Agapornis pullarius"
**Black-collared Lovebird, "Agapornis swinderniana"

It should be noted that although they are in the same tribe as these Asian psitticines, Lovebirds are native to Africa and Madagascar (see article on Agapornis).

Probably Psittaculini

These are of uncertain origin (or "Incertae sedis" in Latin), but probably Psittaculini.

* Genus "Mascarinus"
** Mascarene Parrot, "Mascarinus mascarinus" (extinct)
* Genus "Lophopsittacus"
** Broad-billed Parrot, "Lophopsittacus mauritianus" (extinct)
* Genus "Necropsittacus"
** Rodrigues Parrot, "Necropsittacus rodericanus" (extinct)


* [;pstrTaxa=25;pstrChecklistMode=1 Australian Biological Resources Study]

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