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Adeodatus II or Deodatus II reigned as pope from April 11, 672 to June 17, 676. Little is known about him. Most records which remain indicate that Adeodatus was known for his generosity, especially when it came to the poor and to pilgrims.

Born in Rome, he became a Benedictine and was a monk of the Roman cloister of St Erasmus on the Caelian Hill. He was active in improving monastic discipline, and in the repression of Monothelitism, and gave Venice the right to chose the doge itself.

Pope Adeodatus II was already an elderly man when he was elected pope and, even though he reigned for four years, not a great deal was accomplished during his pontificate.

He is sometimes referred to as Adeodatus (without a number) since Pope Adeodatus I is sometimes known as Pope Deusdedit.



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