HCF may refer to:
*"Highest common factor" in mathematics, also known as Greatest common divisor
*Hellenic Cycling Federation, a sports governing body in Greece
*House Conservatives Fund, a political action committee supporting conservative candidates for the United States Congress
*Halt and Catch Fire, in computing, a semi-mythical machine code mnemonic
*Hybrid Coordination Function, in computing, the hybrid of Distributed Coordination Function and Point Coordination Function
*Hispanic College Fund, a scholarship fund for students of Hispanic origin
*Hacienda Christian Fellowship, a Christian church located in the city of La Puente, Ca
*Hundred cubic feet, a unit of measure of water volume, usually encountered in water metering and billing, equivalent to 748 gallons
*HCF Health Insurance, an Australian private health insurer
*High Cycle Fatigue
* [http://www.salestro.com/hcfbp.pdf Historic Closing Factor] , factor to measure sales performance

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