Golf (billiards)

Golf (billiards)

Golf billiards (also referred to as simply golf in clear context, and sometimes called golf pool or golf pocket billiards) is a pocket billiards game usually played for money. Unlike the majority of such games, it allows more than two people to play without compromises or rule changes. The game borrows concepts from the outdoor game of golf, which is historically related to the cue sports. It is usually played on 10–foot or 12–foot snooker tables as their size and structure are more appropriate (even in billiard halls in the United States where it is in fact more popular than snooker itself, according to the Billiard Congress of America).cite book |editor=Long, Amy (ed.) |title=Billiards: The Official Rules & Record Book — World Standardized Rules |year=2006 |publisher=Billiard Congress of America |location=Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA |pages=122–124 |isbn=1-878493-16-7 ]


The players each receive a numbered Cuegloss|Object ball|object ball. Using some method such as Cuegloss|Lag|the lag, an order is established, and the players always shoot in that order.

The pockets are assigned numbers, clockwise starting at the top right corner pocket as viewed from the top (head) of the table, as the 1 hole (or 1 pocket) through 6 hole. The object for each player is to Cuegloss|Pocket|pocket (Cuegloss|Pot|pot) their own object ball in the 1 hole, 2 hole, 3 hole, etc., in ascending order.

The first player places their numbered ball on the Cuegloss|Foot spot|foot spot. The player may then place the Cuegloss|Cue ball|cue ball in Cuegloss|"D", the|the "D" area as in snooker, or on a "D"-less American-style table, in Cuegloss|Kitchen|the kitchen (i.e., behind the Cuegloss|Head string|head string).

The player attempts to pocket his ball in the 1 hole. If they succeed, the object ball is Cuegloss|Spot (verb)|spotted again and they proceed to the next hole, otherwise it is the next shooter's turn, who also shoots the cue ball from the "D" or kitchen at their numbered ball on the foot spot, aiming for the 1 hole. An object ball not pocketed is left on the table.

Once all players have taken their first shot, players shoot with the cue ball wherever it lies after the previous shot. Note that it is possible for the first player to win the game without any other player getting to shoot.Clarifyme|date=December 2007

If the player before the incoming shooter committed a Cuegloss|Foul|foul, and the new shooter is Cuegloss|Snooker|snookered (does not have a clear shot to his ball), the ball(s) in the way may be temporarily moved so that the shooter has a clear shot. These must be put back after the shot. This rule is highly unusual, perhaps even unique, in the world of cue sports.

The game is won when one player legally pockets his ball into the 6 hole.


Players are assigned a certain predetermined value for each foul committed. These are known as "hickeys". Players owe each player the difference between their hickey count and that player's count. The game is also usually assigned a base value which is given to the winner by the losing players.Clarifyme|date=March 2008


* Pocketing a ball in the wrong hole.
* Failure to hit the shooter's ball first.
* Failing to accomplish at least one of the following::#Contacting a Cuegloss|Cushion|cushion with the cue ball after hitting the object ball.:#Contacting a cushion with the object ball hitting it with the cue ball.Clarifyme|date=December 2007 :#Pocketing one's object ball.
* Causing any ball to leave the table. If it is the cue ball, it is spotted by the next shooter on the D. Any other ball is spotted as close as possible to the foot spot.

"Around-the-world" variant

In New Hampshire, a local variant that has been subject to organized tournament play since 1947 in the Queen City Pool League, is called "around-the-world" or "roundy" for short. It differs from standard golf pool in several ways: [ "Around-the-World Table Rules", "Queen City Pool League Rules"] , Queen City Pool League, Manchester, New Hampshire, September 2004; accessed 1 May 2007]
*The pockets, beginning with the same pocket as the standard game, are numbered counter-clockwise, and the table is a standard 4.5 foot by 9 foot pool table, not a snooker table, and ball-in-hand shots are taken from behind the head string, as there is no "D".
*All players use the same target object ball (the 1 ball).
*All of the object balls are racked in a triangle with the apex ball on the Cuegloss|Foot spot|foot spot, and the game opened with a hard break (as in eight-ball); the 1 ball is played from where it lies after the break (unless pocketed on the break, in which case it is spotted back on the foot spot just as if it had been legally pocketed.)
*Scoring is simpler: 0 to 6 points, for the number of 1 ball shots successfully made, and there are no "hickeys"; whoever reaches 6 points first wins that Cuegloss|Game|game. A Cuegloss|Match|match consists of five games.
*Failure to contact a cushion with a ball is not a foul (as a consequence, particularly challenging Cuegloss|Safety|safeties can be set up).
*One may shoot at any ball, and use other balls to pocket the 1 ball; there is no requirement that the 1 ball be hit first or even at all.
*One may shoot at and pocket any ball other than the 1 ball into any Cuegloss|Call pocket|called pocket (for no point award), and continue play; this is usually done to gain a better position on the 1 ball to pocket it in the necessary pocket. Balls pocketed in this manner are not returned to the table during the game. Pocketing the 1 ball into the wrong pocket remains a foul.
*If a shot fails to contact any object ball at all, the opponent may optionally require (in lieu of taking the turn) that the original shooter to re-shoot the shot from the original cue ball position (a subsequent failure ends the original shooter's turn, spots the 1 ball and gives the incoming player ball-in-hand behind the headstring) (Compare the Cuegloss|Push out|push-out in nine-ball.)
*Jump shots were banned in the tournament rules as of 1996 due to equipment damage concerns.


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