Australian insurance law

Australian insurance law is a term which refers to the body of law which regulates the insurance industry and insurance contracts within Australia. Commonwealth Parliament gains authority to make laws with respect to insurance and insurance companies under section 51 XIV and XX of the Australian Constitution. Generally, the "Insurance Act 1973" and "Insurance Contracts Act 1984" are the main acts to which the body of law refers, however there are a number of other pieces of legislation enacted by the states, private codes and volumous case law all of which forms this body of law.

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* Insurance in Australia
* Utmost good faith

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* [ Insurance Contracts Act 1984]
* [ Insurance (Agents & Brokers) Act 1984]
* [ Financial Services Reform Act 2001]
* [ Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority]
* [ Australian Securities and Investment Commission]
* [ Australian Insurance Law Association]
* [ Insurance Council of Australia]
* [ Insurance Ombudsman Service (IOS)]

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