Watson (surname)

Watson is a surname, and may refer to many people.


*A. J. Watson (born 1924), automotive engineer
*Alberta Watson (born 1955), Canadian actress
*Alexander Watson (born 1939), American diplomat
*Allen Watson (born 1970), American baseball player
*Andrew Watson (footballer) (born 1857), first black international football player
*Andrew Watson (scientist), environmental scientist and member of the Royal Society
*Angela Watson (born 1975), American actress
*Art Watson (1884 - 1950), American baseball catcher


* B. B. Watson (born 1953), American country music singer
* Barry Watson Actor
* Bill Watson (cricketer) (1931-), Australian cricketer
* Brook Watson (1735–1807), British merchant, soldier, and Lord Mayor of London


*Chandra Watson of The Watson Twins, American singer
* Charles Watson (businessman), American businessman, founder of The Natural Gas Clearinghouse, later renamed Dynegy
* Charles Watson (governor) (1714–1757), 18th century British naval officer, govrnor of Newfoundland
* Charles "Tex" Watson (born 1945), American murderer
* Charles W. Watson (born 1915), an American sculptor
* Clarence Wayland Watson (1864-1940), United States Senator and coal company executive
* Chris Watson, Australia's third Prime Minister
* Craig Watson,Scottish Footballer Goes To School In Kirkcaldy Plays For The Young Glens Goes To Viewforth And Is With Stugie Loddie


* David Watson (evangelist)
* Doc Watson (born 1923), American musician
* Donald Watson, pioneer vegan


*E. L. Grant Watson (1885-1970), writer, anthropologist and biologist
*Emily Watson (born 1967), British actress
*Emma Watson (born 1990), British actress


* George Watson (accountant), Scottish accountant and the founder of George Watson's College
* George Watson (umpire), Australian test cricket umpire.
* George Watson (U.S. Army), American soldier
* Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1935-1996), American musician


*Harry L. Watson (fl. 1990s), historian
*Homer Watson (1855-1936), Canadian landscape painter


*Ian Watson (author) (born 1943), British writer
*Ian Watson (scientist) (born 1965), British computer scientist


* James Watson, one of several people including
**James Watson (soldier), participant in the Battle of the Little Bighorn
**James Watson (politician) (1797-1801), American politician
**James Watson, professional wrestler, aka Mikey Whipwreck
**James Craig Watson (1838-1880), astronomer
**James D. Watson (born 1928), American biologist, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA
**James Eli Watson (1864-1948), American politician
**James Lopez Watson (1922-2001), American Federal judge
* Jamie Watson (basketball)
* Jamie Watson (soccer)
* Jim Watson (1961-), Canadian politician
* Jobe Watson, Australian rules footballer
* John Watson, one of several people including
**John Watson Gordon (1788-1864), Scottish painter
**John Watson (VC) (born c.1829), recipient of the Victoria Cross
**John Christian Watson (Chris Watson, 1867-1941), Australia's third prime minister
**John B. Watson (1878-1958), psychologist, pioneer of behaviorism
**Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1935-1996), American blues guitarist
**John Watson (Sherlock Holmes), fictional character and associate of Sherlock Holmes
**John Watson (Australian politician) (1937-), the longest-serving member of the Australian Senate
**John Watson (racing driver) (1946-), British Formula One driver
**John L. Watson (1951-), chess player and author


*Lyall Watson (1935-2008), writer, botanist, zoologist, biologist, anthropologist, ethologist.
*Leigh Watson of The Watson Twins, American singer
*Luman Watson, Cincinnati clockmaker (1790-1834)


*Mark Watson (author)
*Mark Watson (baseball)
*Mark Watson (Canadian soccer)
*Mark Watson (comedian)
*Mark Watson (economist)
*Mark Watson (English footballer)
*Mark Watson (sculptor)
*Michael Watson (born 1965), British boxer
*Mother Watson (1865-1898), Major League Baseball pitcher


* Paul Watson, environmental activist, ships captain, and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
*Peter Watson (archbishop), Australian archbishop of the Anglican diocese of Melbourne
*Peter Watson (intellectual historian), English business writer, intellectual historian and author
*Peter Watson (arts benefactor), 20th century art collector, benefactor and publisher
*Peter Watson, rock guitarist and member of English 1960s band The Action


* Reatha Dale Watson, birth name of Barbara La Marr, American actress
*Richard Watson (1737–1816), Anglican clergyman and academic
*Richard Watson (1781–1833), British Methodist theologian
* Robert Watson (scientist), British-born American atmospheric scientist
* Robert Watson (computer scientist)
* Robert P. Watson, educator and activist
* Ryan Watson, Scottish cricketer

* Sam Watson, Australian novelist, filmmaker and political activist
* Samuel Wagan Watson, indigenous Australian poet
* Sereno Watson, American botanist
* Shane Watson, Australian cricketer
* Steve Watson (American football), American football player


* Thomas Watson, one of several people including:
**Thomas A. Watson (1854-1934), telephony researcher, assistant to Alexander Graham Bell
**Thomas E. Watson (1856-1922), American politician
**Thomas J. Watson (1874-1956), data-processing entrepreneur, founder of IBM
**Thomas J. Watson, Jr. (1914-1993), son of founder and another CEO of IBM
**Thomas Watson (bishop), the Bishop of Lincoln from 1557-1560.
**Thomas Watson (poet), English poet and translator, d. 1592
**Thomas Watson (Puritan) (c.1620-1686)
* Tim Watson, Australian rules footballer
*Tom Watson (golfer) (born 1949), American golfer
*Tom Watson (politician) (born 1967), British politician


* William Watson, one of several people including
**William Watson, Baron Watson (1827-1899), a Scottish judge
**William Watson (poet) (1858-1935)
**William Watson (priest) (1559-1603)
**William J. Watson (1865-1948), a toponymist
**W. Marvin Watson (1924-), an advisor to Lyndon B. Johnson, and Postmaster General
**William T. Watson (1849-1917), an American banker and Acting Governor of Delaware
* Wingfield W. Watson, (1828 - 1922), religious leader

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