Downstairs EP

Downstairs EP
EP by 311
Released 1989
Recorded 1989
Genre Alternative rock
Funk rock
Length 21:41
Label What Have You Records
Producer Nick Hexum
311 chronology

Downstairs is an EP by 311, which was recorded in Nick Hexum's basement in 1989, and is considered the band's first recording. It is an independent release without cover art. Almost nothing is known about this collectors item, and an original version of the EP is almost impossible to find. However, a copy of the EP can easily be found circulating in bootleg circles and tape trading communities. The Downstairs EP suffers from guitar so scratchy that the instrument produced an unintended grinding "ringing" sound so high-pitched that it distorted the sound of the tape upon recording; the sound is so abrasive and scratchy that it has caused listeners of the EP to the suffer the phenomenon known as Tinnitus. On this EP, "Right Now" is one of the songs most afflicted with the grinding, ringing guitar noise. Owners of original copies of the EP (not the bootleg version) report that the grinding, ringing guitar noise is in fact present on the original source material.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Feels So Good" 3:10
  2. "Right Now" 4:15
  3. "Fat Chance" 2:55
  4. "Unity" 3:02
  5. "Today My Love" 4:27
  6. "C.U.T.M." 3:52


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