Ghetto uprising

Ghetto uprisings were armed revolts by Jews and other groups incarcerated in Nazi ghettos during World War II against the plans to deport the inhabitants to concentration and extermination camps.

Some of these uprisings were more massive and organized, while others were small and spontaneous. The best known and the biggest of such uprisings took place in Warsaw in April 1943 (Warsaw Ghetto Uprising), but there were also other such struggles in other ghettos.

List of ghetto uprisings during the Holocaust

* Będzin Ghetto Uprising
* Białystok Ghetto Uprising - Antyfaszystowska Organizacja Bojowa
* Częstochowa Ghetto Uprising
* Łachwa Ghetto Uprising
* Mińsk Mazowiecki Ghetto Uprising
* Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - organised by ŻOB and ŻZW
* Riga Ghetto Resistance Movement

To some extent the armed struggle was also carried out during the final liquidation of Ghettos in:

* Kraków Ghetto Uprising
* Łódź Ghetto Uprising
* Lwów Ghetto Uprising
* Marcinkance Ghetto Uprising
* Pińsk Ghetto Uprising
* Sosnowiec Ghetto Uprising
* Wilno (Vilna) Ghetto Uprising - Fareinigte Partizaner Organizacje

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*Ghettos in occupied Europe 1939 - 1944

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