Nova Roma

The flag of Nova Roma, based on the colours and symbols of the Roman Empire.

Nova Roma is an international[1] Roman revivalist and reconstructionist organization[2] created in 1998 (or MMDCCLI AUC by the Roman calendar) by Joseph Bloch and William Bradford, later incorporated in Maine as a non-profit organization with an educational and religious mission.[3] Nova Roma claims to promote "the restoration of classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues" and "shared Roman ideals".[4][5]

Reported to provide a good online source of information about ancient Roman costuming and reenactment guidelines,[5][6] Nova Roma aims to be more than a community of reenactors or history study group. Most of the publications that mention Nova Roma focus on its Roman religious reconstructionism, but it's hard to put Nova Roma into any definite category. Because it has a structure based on the ancient Roman Republic,[7] with a Senate, magistrates and laws enacted by vote of Comitia, and with its own coinage,[8][9] and because the Nova Roma Wiki states that the group self-identifies as a "sovereign nation", most outside observers[4][9][10][11] classify it as a micronation.


Roman religion

Nova Roma has adopted[12][13] the ancient Roman religion as its state cult, but also maintains the freedom of religion of its citizens. Both the domestic religious traditions and the so-called state religion (sacra publica) are represented in the practices of Nova Roma,[14] including the restoration[15] of the ancient priestly collegia, and the honoring of the full cycle of Roman holidays throughout the year.[16]

Live events

Nova Romans performing a Roman religious ceremony in Aquincum, Budapest, 2008.

Nova Roman citizens participate in such events as the Festival of Ancient Heritage[17] in Svishtov, Bulgaria, now-defunct Roman Market Day[18][19][20] in Wells Harbor Park, Maine and Forum Fulvii in Italy, Ludi Savarienses Historical Carnival or the Aquincum Floralia Spring Festival[21][22] in Hungary.

Cultural competitions and games

Among the cultural activities of Nova Roma, competitions and games honoring various Roman festivals have an important place. They can include a wide range of various programs from humorous online games up to serious art competitions like the Certamen Petronianum,[23][24] a literary contest of historical novel writing, where the jury was composed of notabilities including world-famous novelist Dr. Colleen McCullough, author of many Roman themed best-selling novels, and Prof. Dr. T. P. Wiseman, university professor of Roman history and former vice-president of the British Academy.


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