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:"For the phenomenon of suicide among adolescents, see Teenage suicide.Andre Verdun (born October 25, 1981), better known by his ring name, Youth Suicide, is an American professional wrestler who wrestles for a number of American independent federations.


Early career

Youth Suicide first made national headlines in early 2000 as a backyard wrestler making national television appearances on shows like ABC news 20/20, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment, MTV’s True Life, and various other news magazines and national talk shows. In 2000, he joined XPW and was trained under his mentor “The Human Horror show” Supreme. After over a year in the company training under Supreme, and working various Indy shows around Southern California, Youth Suicide decided to leave California as a result of the success and heavy tour schedule Supreme began to undertake as an XPW and FMW regular, and Youth Suicide moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. There he trained under Scott Casey and Nick Bockwinkel while working the indy scene in Nevada and California.

Revolution Pro

While working in Las Vegas, Youth Suicide made trips most weekends to different parts of northern and Southern California to work for many Indy feds, and ended up becoming a regular at the then well established and most respected Southern California wrestling company, Revolution Pro as “Evil” Lonestar. Youth Suicide decided to move back to California, and worked exclusively for RevPro. While many of the wrestlers and staff within the company objected to his presence in the company because of his “hardcore” wrestling style, he worked headlining programs with John Lambert, Supreme, and American Wild Child, who he wrestled in the main event in the final Revolution Pro show in December 2004. The company created a spin off company early in 2004 that would out live RevPro, called Revolution X where “Evil” Lonestar headlined most shows and captured the RevX heavyweight title.


After RevPro closed in December 2004, Youth Suicide was invited by former XPW V.P. of Operations, Kevin Kleinrock, to compete in a death match tournament where he surprised many by going all the way to the finals, and while he was booed heavily when he entered the arena for his first match, he left that night to a standing ovation. That night, Lonestar defeated Buddy George, Homeless Jimmy, then finally losing in the finals to Ian Rotten after 3 chair shots to the head. In a second SCCW show, “Evil” Lonestar was slated to compete against east coast wrestler JC Bailey, but when JC was held up by at the airport for razor blades that were found in his luggage, Lonestar was placed in the main event against his mentor, Supreme. Often referred to as one of the most brutal matches in the history of SoCal wrestling, the two beat each other all over the building, till Supreme scored the victory after breaking a flaming chair over the head of “Evil” Lonestar and pinning him for the three count.

Underground Empire Wrestling

In June 2005, Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW) opened it’s doors. Soon after it’s first show, UEW opened a workout facility that tripled as the UEW headquarters and a wrestling school. While not exclusive "per se", UEW required that its core wrestlers pledge an allegiance to the company over all others, dubbing those who did the “Underground Society”. Youth Suicide was one of the first to take such oath.

June 5 was the beginning of one of the most violent on going feuds that Southern California has ever seen. In the first UEW sanctioned match, (NTW main event: UEW sanctioned match - 4-way fire match: Youth Suicide V. Carnage V. Redheaded Stepchild V. Robbie Phoenix) Carnage blew a ball of fire into the eyes of Youth Suicide, causing severe burns to his face and chest. Two weeks later at UEW’s Resurrection, Youth Suicide and Trizzie D jumped Carnage following his main event win against Payne, and while the two double teamed Carnage, Payne made the save with a steel chair splitting the head of Trizzie D wiped open, setting up Youth Suicide and Trizzie D taking on Carnage and Payne in a Texas Tornado Death match at UEW’s “Malicious Intent”.

The main event of Malicious Intent was turned into a “3-way dance” due to the non appearance of Trizzie D, putting Payne, Carnage, and “Youth Suicide” Andre Verdun all in the same match. The match ended with Youth Suicide taking a T-bone suplex onto an open chair, causing him serious damage to his back, and Payne losing by pin fall.

Supreme, the trainer of both Suicide and Carnage, made a surprise appearance as UEW’s “Passage 2 Pain” and forced Youth Suicide and Carnage into a death match later that night to “end the bullshit”. As the two were about to lock up in their first ever one on one encounter, Supreme’s voice came over the house speakers, informing the two that there was a third participant in the match, then coming to the ring himself in his wrestling gear putting the 3 in a violent 3 way death match. Youth Suicide gave Carnage a drop toe hold into a board covered with light tubes, which severed his middle finger from his hand. Soon after, Supreme gained the pin fall victory over Youth Suicide, and Supreme ordered the two to shake hands. With his severed finger and his hand gushing blood wrapped in his t-shirt, the two started brawling again, till UEW staff ripped the two apart and Carnage was rushed to a near by hospital to have his finger reattached, and Carnage would not compete in the ring for another 8 months while his finger healed.

UEW invades RevX

Youth Suicide returned to RevX in their return show, as “Evil” Lonestar to face Buddy George for the RevX title. Lonestar wrestled in a UEW t shirt, and broke away from character and said that he was only here to represent the UEW company. Buddy George came out to the ring with Carnage, who’s finger was heavily wrapped due to the injury suffered at the hands of “Youth Suicide” only two months prior at UEW’s “Passage 2 Pain”. Buddy George took the house mic and ripped on Lonestar and UEW calling Lonestar a backyarder and UEW “underwear eating women”. After Lonestar defeated Buddy George, Carnage began beating on Buddy until he was partially unconscious, the Youth Suicide and Carnage SHOOK HANDS. After Carnage declared “The Evil Mother Fuckin Lonestar” the new RevX heavyweight Champion, Lonestar grabbed the mic and told everyone the he hates Carnage more than he’s hated anyone else in the world, but they made an oath to themselves and their company, “anyone that fucks with UEW, get’s fucked up!” As a lot of the fans were relatives to the workers, and realized what was happening, they began to storm the ring, which caused the UEW workers who were in attendance to storm the ring, causing an all out riot which spilled into the streets of South Gate, California. RevX’s home of 2 years, the Allen Theater, as a result, banned wrestling from it’s venue. Youth Suicide and UEW as a whole took considerable heat for their actions that night, but Youth Suicide released an online promo on stating he would apologize for nothing, and he had the RevX belt and it was going to lay on his floor and get kicked around til someone took it from him. He claimed he would "play by the rules" until "you make things personal, and talking shit on my home (UEW) is making things personal". The problems caused by the incident caused RevX to close it’s doors.


From the allegedly haunted, partially abandoned former “Camarillo State Mental Institute”, UEW held “THE GAMES OF DEATH TOURNAMENT”. Twelve wrestlers were divided into 6 single matches, and the winners of those matches were randomly placed in teams of 3 to compete in a 6-man tag match, the winners being dubbed the “Games of Death Champions”. Carnage, in his first match back since having his finger reattached to this hand, defeated BC Killer to advance to the GAMES OF DEATH match, but as soon as he gained the victory, Youth Suicide attacked Carnage, and used a broken light tube to stab Carnage in the hand in an attempt to open us the heavily bandaged hand of Carnage and open the still tender wounds. Carnage laid on the match in intense pain, hand once again covered in blood, as Youth Suicide promised Carnage he would see him in the finals. During Youth Suicide’s match against Kris Kaz, Carnage dashed to the ring as Youth Suicide was about to smash a chair he had lit on fire over the head of Kris Kaz, but turned his attention to Carnage and threw the chair across the ring, smacking Carnage on the head, sending him back out of the ring with his head on fire. Supreme defeated Freddy Fido. Koas, Angel, and Austin Tacious also advanced to the finals, and when teams were drawn at random, Youth Suicide, Carnage, and Supreme were all placed on the same team. Supreme forced Carnage and Youth Suicide to work together despite the tension, and the 3 easily conquered the GAMES OF DEATH.

Wrestling Society X

Youth Suicide participated in the tapings for MTV's Wrestling Society X series. He was featured in the debut episode, participating (and losing) in the 10-Man Battle Royal, which served to determine the two men that would compete for the WSX Championship. In Episode 6, he began a short-lived feud with Ricky Banderas, after aiding Vampiro from a double-team by Banderas and 6Pac. His last appearance was at the beginning of Episode 7, as a brawl between himself and Banderas spilled onto the stage where Quietdrive had just finished performing.

Suicide also appeared on Episode 6 of the WSX Internet show, WSXtra, where he competed against Scorpio "Sky" Andrews in singles competition. The match was interrupted by Ricky Banderas, who went straight for Youth Suicide and brawled all over the WSX Bunker, which set the stage for the conclusion of their brawl on Episide 7 (of the television series).

Wrestling facts

*Finishing and signature moves
**"Death is Welcome" (Lifting rolling cutter)
**"A Life Not Worth Living" (Corner-to-corner missile dropkick)

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