Jussi V. Koivisto

Dr. Jussi V. Koivisto is a Finnish economist and educator, who has also been active in business life.

Education and Career

Jussi V. Koivisto has earned a Doctor of Science in Economics (Dr.Sc.Econ.) degree from the Helsinki School of Economics in 1999, majoring in International Business. In other fields, his education also includes Master of Arts degree (1989) from University of Helsinki, majoring in Musicology, and D-Exam in Orchestral Conducting (1990) from the Sibelius Academy (Helsinki).

In Finland, Jussi V. Koivisto has lectured or conducted research at Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology, University of Vaasa, University of Tampere, and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA (Helsinki). Internationally, his academic experience includes Visiting Professor and Visiting Scholar assignments at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA, U.S.), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan), University of Klagenfurt (Austria), and Korea Institute of Industrial Policy Studies (Korea).

In business life, Jussi V. Koivisto has held positions e.g. in Nokia Corporation, with responsibility for international corporate mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic alliances, Via Group as director and strategy consultant, and TeliaSonera Corporation, with responsibility for designing the architecture for major organisational and mode of operation changes. Additionally, he has consulted numerous firms in several countries. He also serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Cone Advisor Inc.

Jussi V. Koivisto has authored or co-authored books and articles on corporate mergers and acquisitions, cross-cultural management and organisation, international law in e-business, technology strategy, business in China and Japan, and the internationalisation of higher education. He has also produced a series of television documentaries on the internationalisation strategies and processes of Finnish enterprises.

Cultural Crossing

In his research, Jussi V. Koivisto has done groundbreaking conceptualisation on the structure of cross-cultural organisations by creating the concept of cultural crossing. It describes the structure how the cross-cultural divide in an organisation is structured in terms of its
* Locus - i.e. where in the organisation the cultural interfacing takes place
* Modus - i.e. how the cultural interfacing is set up as to
** Interpersonal dimension, and
** Organisational dimension
* Focus - i.e. what is the equilibrium of influence directions in the interfaceWith these dimensions, the concept of cultural crossing has been used to analyse cross-cultural organiastions as to their
* Present state and structure and
* Longitudinal or historical development and evolution over time.The concept has also been used to analyse interfacing between organisational cultures in the context of integration of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Major Monographs
* "Dual Management", 1993
* "Finno-Asian Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education", Volumes I-II, 1997 (with Kristiina Korhonen and Anu Vuorela)
* "Cultural Heritages and Cross-Cultural Management" (doctoral dissertation), 1998
* "Which Law, Which Forum? Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in International Electronic Commerce", 2002 (with Pia Naarajärvi)

Other Research Publications
* "Distant Integration - The Policies and Practices for Cross-Cultural Management of Three Finnish Companies in Japan". Article in "Association of Japanese Business Studies Best Papers", edited by Allan Bird, 1993
* "The Response of Finnish Industries to the Integration Process of EC: A Replication of Earlier Israeli and Swedish Studies", 1993
* "Asianization" of the Finnish Academic Studies", Volumes I-III, 1997 (with Miia Huhtala)
* "Television Advertisements as Cultural Symbols: A Cross-Cultural Semiotic Analysis of a European and a Japanese Advertisement", article in "Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence in Management", 1999
* "The Concept of Cultural Crossing as a Tool for Analysing Cross-Cultural Organisations", article in "Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence in Management", 2000
* "Acquisition of Strategic Technology through International Corporate M&A", 2001 (with Matti Lampinen)
* "Yritysten kansainvälistyminen, globaali kilpailu ja monikulttuurinen toimintaympäristö", article in "Aukeavat ovet - Kulttuurinen moninaisuus Suomen globaalissa taloudessa", edited by Marja-Liisa Trux, 2001 (co-authored with Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö, Matti Lampinen and Pekka Ylä-Anttila), in Finnish
* "Conceptualising Cross-Cultural Organisations: Cultural Crossing with its Locus, Modus and Focus", 2001
* "Kulttuurienvälinen näkökulma kansainväliseseen yritykseen", article in "Kansainvälinen liiketoiminta", edited by Hannu Seristö, 2002, in Finnish
* "Crossing National and Corporate Cultures: In-Depth Analysis of the Cross-Cultural Organisation in the Integration of a Finnish Firm’s Acquisition Case in Hong Kong", article in "Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence in Management", 2002
* "Recruitment of Foreign IT Professionals in Finland", 2002 (with Minna Jukomaa and Marja Tahvanainen)

Television and Broadcast Productions

* "Internationalisation Strategies and Processes of Finnish Firms", a series of four television documentaries, produced by Jussi V. Koivisto, directed by Petri Männistö, 1997-1998



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