List of Lieutenant Governors of Wisconsin


* [A] note label|left|a|anote label|left|a|bnote label|left|a|cnote label|left|a|dnote label|left|a|enote label|left|a|fnote label|left|a|gLieutenant governor resigned or otherwise left office to take this position.

* [B] note label|1979amend|a|aDue to a 1979 amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution, Scott McCallum became governor, rather than acting as governor, upon the resignation of Governor Tommy Thompson.

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*Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
*List of current United States Lieutenant Governors


*cite book |last=Barish |first=Lawrence S. (ed.) |title=State of Wisconsin Blue Book 2007–2008 |url= |format=PDF |origmonth=July |origyear=2007 |location=Madison, Wisconsin |publisher=Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau |isbn=978-0-9752820-2-1


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