Science of Spirituality

Science of Spirituality

"Science of Spirituality (SOS), also known as Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission, is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to spirituality, peace, and service to humanity. With U. S. headquarters in Naperville, Illinois, U.S. and international headquarters in Delhi, India and a network of meditation groups and centers worldwide, over one million members practice a simple method of meditation, Surat Shabd Yoga, meditation on the inner light and sound.
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj(1946- ) is the current spiritual master of this path of Sant Mat He was preceded by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh (1858-1948), Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974), Sant Darshan Singh (1921-1989) and all of the spiritual teachers before them. All religions and faith traditions are treated with great respect by these teachers as they encourage everyone to remain in their own cultures and faith traditions, recognizing that the core teachings are the same and that they may practice spirituality as a science (meditation) without conflict. As is true in all faith traditions, leading a responsible and ethical life is also part of the teachings of Sant Mat. Sant Darshan Singh coined the phrase, “positive mysticism” to characterize this practical approach to living spiritually in the modern world.

In keeping with the focus on service, the organization provides free educational workshops and seminars, publishes literature, videos, and audio tapes that highlight the virtues of non-violence, truthfulness, humility, non-attachment, and selfless service and their relation ship to successful meditation. The benefit of Non-violence as reflected in the Vegetarian diet is given special attention during the annual VeggieFest held each August in Naperville. International Human Unity Conferences have been sponsored in Delhi by the Science of Spirituality since 1974.

As their website says they… “believe that Sant Mat expresses the deepest values of every great spiritual tradition: love for God, compassion and service for God's creation, and a daily life imbued with ethical values. Haven't these always been the aspiration of every spiritual seeker - ancient or modern? Sant Mat's contribution is to distill these noble ideals into a simple, universal spiritual path, and then provide the tools and techniques to make them a reality for each of us.”

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