List of The Angry Beavers episodes

This is a list of episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series [[]].


Series overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 13 April 19, 1997 August 24, 1997
2 13 March 1, 1998 December 27, 1998
3 22 February 21, 1999 March 18, 2000
4 15 September 2, 2000 November 11, 2003


Season 1: 1997

# Title Airdate Prod. Code Synopsis
1 "Born to be Beavers / Up All Night" April 19, 1997 101 Beaver brothers Norbert & Daggett must leave their parents and find their own home / Dag & Norb try to stay up all night
2 "A Dam Too Far / Long in the Teeth" April 27, 1997 102 Daggett fights to dam up the 'Little Meanie' river / Norbert grows his teeth too long
3 "Gift Hoarse / Go Beavers" May 4, 1997 103 Daggett is jealous over getting an inferior Arbor Day gift / Dag & Norb play in a football game
4 "Box Top Beavers / Salmon Sez" May 11, 1997 104 Daggett saves cereal box-tops to get a street sweeper / Spawning salmon invade the beavers' lake
5 "Beach Beavers A-Go-Go / Deranged Ranger" June 1, 1997 105 Dag & Norb take a trip to the beach / Daggett becomes the new ranger of the forest
6 "Muscular Beaver / Fish 'n' Dips" June 8, 1997 106 Dagget's hero role playing goes too far / Daggett is terrified when a monster fish eats his tail
7 "Enter the Daggett / Bug-A-Boo" June 22, 1997 107 Daggett tries becoming braver with "Ninja-Robics" tape / Daggett fears a giant bug
8 "Mission to the Big Hot Thingy / I Dare You" June 29, 1997 108 Norbert and Daggett go on a space mission to the sun / Norbert and Daggett incessantly "dare" each other
9 "Stinky Toe / House Broken" July 13, 1997 109 Norbert gets an infection with no cure / Norbert and Daggett impersonate dogs for "the good life"
10 "Fancy Prance / H2Whoa!" July 20, 1997 111 Norbert lives his dream of being a Lipizzaner stallion / Dag & Norb go to a water park
11 "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave / You Promised" August 10, 1997 112 Norbert and Daggett meet a new friend / Daggett writes a note on his eyelids to note him to a promise a year later
12 "Bummer of Love / Food of the Clods" August 17, 1997 113 Daggett tries to blow up the concert on their property while Norbert falls in love with a female beaver named Tree Flower / Norbert sleepwalks while watching movies
13 "Tree's Company / Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner" August 24, 1997 110 Daggett moves into a tree house while Norbert builds a model / Norbert befriends a tree stump

Season 2: 1998

# Title Airdate Prod. Code Synopsis
14 "Beaver Fever / Same Time Last Week" March 1, 1998 202 Norbert & Daggett become disco stars / Daggett repeatedly gets bopped into last week
15 "Kandid Kreatures / Fakin' It" March 8, 1998 201 Norbert and Daggett get humiliated on a TV show / Norbert fakes being sick
16 "Muscular Beaver 2 / Stump Looks For His Roots" March 15, 1998 203 Muscular Beaver and Baron Von Beaver join forces / Norb and Dag try to find Stump after Norb hurts Stump's feelings
17 "Tree of Hearts / Dag for Night" March 22, 1998 204 Treeflower is dating Truckee, much to Norb's dismay / Norb and Dag attempt to make a film after finding a lost reel
18 "Un-barry-ble / Another One Bites the Musk" March 29, 1998 205 Daggett has a rock concert with his bear friend / Daggett learns the beaver defense
19 "The Mighty Knothead / Pond Scum" September 19, 1998 206 Daggett becomes worshiped by a female raccoon tribe / an evil pond scum possesses Norbert to become bad
20 "Friends, Romans, Beavers! / Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy" September 26, 1998 209 Norbert and Daggett get zapped back in time to the age of Romans / Norbert and Daggett find a "fish egg" in their pond
21 "Lumberjack's Delight / Zooing Time" October 3, 1998 208 Singing lumberjacks invade the forest / Daggett tries to save Norbert from the zoo
22 "Utter Nonsense / Endangered Species" October 10, 1998 207 Norbert and Daggett jinx one another / The two scientists mistake Daggett for a long-extinct Horned Beaver
23 "The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up" October 17, 1998 213 A 30 minute episode - An alien object lands behind the house of Norbert's and Daggett's favorite movie star.
24 "Open Wide for Zombies / Dumbwaiters" December 13, 1998 211 Norb and Dag go to a haunted swamp full of zombies / Norb and Dag work as waiters in an attempt to buy masks
25 "Sans-A-Pelt / Gonna Getcha" December 20, 1998 212 Norb and Dag lose their fur after a failed magic trick / Dag fears Norb will get him back after breaking wind on Norb's head during a game
26 "If You In-Sisters / Alley Oops" December 27, 1998 210 Norb and Dag's two younger sisters visit them / Dag becomes a bowler with the help from Laverta Lutz

Season 3: 1999 - 2000

# Title Airdate Prod. Code Synopsis
27 "My Bunny-Guard / What's Eating You?" February 21, 1999 301 Dag and Norb hires Bunny to be their bodyguard / Norb and Dag are trapped in a cave with Stump, whom they try to prevent themselves from eating
28 "Omega Beaver / Bite This!" March 27, 1999 302 Daggett tries to protect his dam from the howler leeches during a snowstorm / Norbert becomes a bed-biter in his sleep
29 "Spooky Spoots / Up All Night 2: Up All Day. The Reckoning" March 28, 1999 303 Norb and Dag try to protect their ghost friends from being taken away from the two scientists / Dag and Norb are too tired to sleep
30 "Muscular Beaver 3 / Sang 'em High" April 4, 1999 304 Norb thinks Treeflower has become Muscular Beaver's new sidekick / Laverta Lutz teaches Dag how to win arguments
31 "In Search of Big Byoo-Tox / Moronathon Man" April 11, 1999 305 Dag tries to get Norb's toy duck away from the help of a mystical creature / The two scientists dump a potion in the lake making everyone except Dagg dumb (Since Dag can't get any dumber).
32 "The Legend of Kid Friendly / Silent But Deadly" April 18, 1999 306 Norb and Dag star in a Western episode and face the robotic Kid Friendly / Norb and Dag try to escape their dam full of wolverines without speaking
33 "Tough Love / A Little Dad'll Do You" June 20, 1999 308 Bing's girlfriend breaks up with him / Norb and Dag's father visits them
34 "Pass It On! / Stump's Family Reunion" July 24, 1999 307 Norb and Dag and their friends make up a story / Norb gets an earache as he and Dag are invited to Stump's family reunion
35 "Muscular Beaver 4 / Act Your Age" August 14, 1999 311 Norb and friends try to save Muscular Beaver from Toebot's clutches / Norb and Dag bite an acorn that turns them into kids
36 "Too Loose Latrine / Pack Your Dags" August 21, 1999 309 Dag accidentally clogs his toilet / Norb becomes possessed as he packs away to leave the dam
37 "Daggy Dearest / Dag's List" August 28, 1999 310 Daggett believes he gave birth to a baby mongoose after a huge meal / Dag makes a list in which the animals thinks they'll be on
38 "Mistaken Identity / Easy Peasy Rider" September 12, 1999 312 Norb and Dag fight over who will move a Russian spaceship off the roof / Daggett joins a biker gang
39 "Stare and Stare Alike / I'm Not an Animal, I'm Scientist #1" October 9, 1999 313A/315B Norb and Dag attempt to win the staring contest for an award / Scientist #1 becomes a beaver
40 "Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo / The Loogie Hawk" October 16, 1999 314 Norb and Dag star in a Spanish-speaking episode with El Grapadura / Norb and Dag try to rid a hawk spreading loogie everywhere, which the loogie is trying to hold everything in the forest together
41 "Kreature Komforts / Oh, Brother?" October 23, 1999 316 Norb and Dag's cousin visits making several home changes / Dag and Norb find out they are not related
42 "Das Spoot / Sqotters" November 6, 1999 317 Norb and Dag explore the lake in a submarine / a group of otters take over Norb and Dag's dam
43 "Long Tall Daggy / Practical Jerks" November 13, 1999 315A/313B Norb is distraught when he finds out that Dag is taller than him / Norb and Dag discover that someone is pulling pranks on them
44 "Nice & Lonely / Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!" December 11, 1999 319 Norbert and Daggett fight over Bing / Daggett learns a new game
45 "Brothers... To The End? / Euro Beavers" December 31, 1999 322 The new millennium forces Norbert and Daggett to recreate the earth / Norbert fakes being a European beaver
46 "Slap Happy / Home Loners" March 4, 2000 320 Dag abuses the beaver call of distress / Norb and Dag both think they are home alone
47 "Ugly Roomers / Finger Lickin' Goofs" March 11, 2000 321 Norbert and Daggett build their own bedrooms / Norbert and Daggett are convinced Barry wants to eat them when they watch Bill Licking's show
48 "Strange Allure / Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow" March 18, 2000 323 Daggett falls in love with a fishing lure attached to his tail / Norbert and Daggett throw a party but insult their guests

Season 4: 2000 - 2003

# Title Airdate Prod. Code Synopsis
49 "Chocolate Up to Experience / Three Dag Nite" September 2, 2000 401 Norb makes Dag sell chocolate bars, but ends up trying to sell one for $200 / Daggett clones himself, but the clones prove unruly
50 "Fat Chance / Dag in the Mirror" September 9, 2000 404 Norb tries to help Dag fatten up before the winter/Dag becomes an underwear model
51 "Canucks Amuck / Yak in the Sack Gets Thwacked" September 16, 2000 405 Two Canadian Beavers take up residence in the brothers' Dam / The Beavers' are visited by a magical Yak (a parody of The Cat in the Hat)
52 "Moby Dopes / Present Tense" September 23, 2000 407 Dag steals a killer whale that wrecks havoc in the brothers' pond / Dag and Norb receive a present from their mother that refuses to open itself until midnight.
53 "It's a Spootiful Life / The Mom from U.N.C.L.E." September 23, 2000 408 The Lady of the Lane shows Daggett what it would be like if he had never been born. And it's much better / The boys mother pays a visit, but turns out to be a spy
54 "House Sisters / Muscular Beaver 5" September 30, 2000 409 The Beavers are going away to a Tumblebug pageant, so get their sisters to look after the dam / Daggett gives up being Muscular Beaver, to the delight of Baron Von Bad Beaver
55 "Specs Appeal / Things That Go Hook in the Night" January 6, 2001 413 Norb gets a pair of X-Ray glassess / During a backyard campout Norb tries to scare Dag with a story about a maniac with a hook
56 "Damnesia / The Posei-Dam Adventure" February 17, 2001 412 When the dam accidentally falls on Norb’s head he develops “damnesia” and forgets who he is. / A raging “volnado” (half volcano, half tornado) capsizes the Beavers dam during a party
57 "Driving Misses Daggett / Big Fun" November 11, 2003 406 Dag and Norb play golf in their dam / Norb and Dag are invited to Big Rabbit's house to visit his family
58 "Beavemaster / Deck Poops" May 30, 2006 403 Norb and Dag try to battle off a dimwitted warrior / Norb attempts to save Dag from a band of pirate rats
59 "Dagski And Norb / Shell Or High Water" June 11, 2006 318 Dag and Norb star in an episode resembling Starsky & Hutch / Norb and Dag go to the beach and build sandcastles
60 "All in the Colony / Line Duncing" June 25, 2006 402 Norb attempts to save Dag from an army of termites / Norb and Dag take their young sisters to an ice skating show as they wait forever in a long line
61 "Vantastic Voyage / Blacktop Beavers" August 26, 2006 410 The Scientists travel insige a gigantic Daggett / The Beavers race a trucker to the world's largest pile of toenail clippings
62 "The Big Frog / Dag Con Carny" August 27, 2006 411 Norb tells Dag to grow up, but he takes it too seriously / Dag and Norb get jobs at Smelly Jim's Carnival of Mirthyness
63 "A Tale of Two Rangers / Bye Bye Beavers" Unaired 414 Series finale - Dag and Norb become rangers / Norb and Dag receive a letter that they've been cancelled and Norb breaks the fourth wall by telling and demonstrating to Dag that they're cartoons. This episode never aired due to its controversial nature, although voice cast recordings of the script exist online.


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