Touch (manga)

Vol.14 of the Touch bunkoban
Genre Comedy, Romance, Sports
Written by Mitsuru Adachi
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run 19811986
Volumes 26
TV anime
Directed by Hiroko Tokita
Studio Group TAC, Studio Gallop
Network Fuji TV, Animax
Original run March 24, 1985March 22, 1987
Episodes 101
Anime film
Touch: Sebangō no Nai Ace
Directed by Gisaburō Sugii
Studio Group TAC
Released April 12, 1986
Runtime 93 minutes
Anime film
Touch 2: Sayonara no Okurimono
Directed by Naoto Hashimoto
Studio Group TAC
Released December 13, 1986
Runtime 80 minutes
Anime film
Touch 3: Kimi ga Tōri Sugita Ato ni
Directed by Akinori Takaoka
Studio Group TAC
Released April 11, 1987
Runtime 83 minutes
TV film anime
Touch: Miss Lonely Yesterday
Directed by Akinori Nagaoka
Studio Group TAC
Network Nippon Television
Released December 11, 1998
TV film anime
Touch: Cross Road
Directed by Akinori Nagaoka
Studio Group TAC
Network Nippon Television
Released February 9, 2001
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Touch (タッチ Tatchi?) is a Japanese high school baseball manga by Mitsuru Adachi. It was originally serialized in the weekly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday from 1981–1986. The manga was also adapted into a 101-episode TV anime series,[1] which was one of the highest-rated television anime series ever,[2] three theatrical anime movies which summarized the TV series, two TV anime specials which take place after the events in the TV series,[3] a live-action TV drama special, and a live-action movie released in 2005. Touch was one of the winners of the 1983 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen or shōjo manga, along with Adachi's Miyuki.[4]



Tatsuya Uesugi (上杉 達也 Uesugi Tatsuya?)
The main character. The elder of the Uesugi twins. Seemingly selfish and lazy, Tatsuya's main quality is his altruistic nature. Naturally athletic, he lets his younger brother progress further than him in baseball so Meisei would win the Koushien fulfilling their childhood dream. Like Kazuya, he loves Minami Asakura, the girl next door and their childhood friend. However, in the field of love, he too cedes to his younger brother, telling everyone that they are meant to be despite his broken heart. Voiced by: Yūji Mitsuya
Kazuya Uesugi (上杉 和也 Uesugi Kazuya?)
The younger of the Uesugi twins. Serious and hard working, he is the complete opposite of his older brother. His pitching skills and perfect grades makes him the favorite of his parents who despite his young age, conspire to get him and Minami to marry. His good looks makes him popular with the girls at school, which irks Tatsuya. Though not as naturally athletic as Tatsuya, Kazuya had work hard to hone his skills since an early age. Like his brother, Kazuya is in love with Minami. He suspects early on that Minami is in love with Tatsuya but even when figuring it out to be the truth, he still refuses to give her up. He hopes to take her to the Koushien and win, fulfilling their dream. Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba
Minami Asakura (浅倉 南 Asakura Minami?)
The Uesugi twins' neighbour and childhood friend. An intelligent and active student who has to help her father with house chores and at the family coffee shop since her mother died at a young age. Minami is a pretty girl who is popular at school and the object of desire for both the Uesugi twins. Although her widower father and Mr. and Mrs. Uesugi often pair Minami and Kazuya to be married, her heart truly lies on Tatsuya. Despite that, she is more often seen with Kazuya and actively supports him on the road to the Koushien which makes everyone think that Minami is actually in love with Kazuya, the star pitcher. Like the twins, she is also naturally talented in sports. Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka
Shingo and Haruko Uesugi, Punch
Tatsuya and Kazuya's parents. Always seen flirting and teasing with each other despite the boys' presence. Mr. Uesugi sometimes puts on a straight face, usually to tell off Kazuya but soon turns back to teasing with his wife. Mrs. Uesugi is always seen smiling, sometimes giggling behind her hand. They live very carefree lives, often at the cost of their sons. Punch is the Uesugi family Samoyed. (Shingo, Punch) Voiced by: Shigeru Chiba, (Haruko) Voiced by: Kazue Komiya
Toshio Asakura (浅倉 俊夫 Asakura Toshio?)
Minami's father and owner of the Minami Kaze ("South/Southern Wind") coffee shop. A widower, his wife died when Minami was very young. Despite of that, he maintains an upbeat, positive attitude especially when seeing Minami and Kazuya together, hoping that they would soon marry. During match days, he would either watch Meisei's team at the stadium or watch them on the coffee shop's TV if the match is broadcast. Mr. Asakura is also an occasional baseball player. Voiced by: Hiroshi Masuoka (voice actor)
Kōtarō Matsudaira (松平 孝太郎 Matsudaira Kōtarō?)
Meisei's catcher. He is Kazuya's best friend and is always paired with him. Voiced by: Shōzō Hayashiya (9th)
Shōhei Harada
A big, intimidating schoolmate at Meisei. Despite his appearance and gruff attitude, Harada frequently gives Tatsuya sound advice on various matters, and at times shows he genuinely cares about his well being. Voiced by: Banjō Ginga
Akio Nitta (新田 明男 Nitta Akio?)
A star slugger for Sumi Tech, the runner-up team at Koshien. Akio became seriously devoted to baseball when he played against Kazuya in middle school. He has a mild crush on Minami, and is a friend of Harada's during junior high when he was a delinquent.Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue
Yuka Nitta (新田 由加 Nitta Yuka?)
Akio's little sister, she is unusually close to her brother, and somewhat immature besides. She enters Meisei under the pretense of spying for her brother, but seems to develop a schoolgirl crush on Tatsuya. Nevertheless, she is very good at observing and analyzing baseball players. Voiced by: Miina Tominaga
Isami Nishimura (西村 勇 Nishimura Isami?)
A somewhat conceited pitcher who overestimates his worth in the story. He has a decent curve ball, but is not considered a threat by any of the main characters. He is easily forgotten and ignored, but considers Akio Nitta to be his only rival. Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao
Eijirō Kashiwaba (柏葉 英二郎 Kashiwaba Eijirō?)
A substitute coach, hired under coach Nishio's recommendation. A brutal coach with a Spartan attitude, on his first day, he fires Minami as manager and ruthlessly beats Tatsuya, Nishimura, and anyone who slacks off on the team. Because of him, the entire team works much harder, but lose their enjoyment of the game, causing many to quit. He holds a grudge against Meisei's baseball team because of some events that occurred when he attended. Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka
Shigenori Nishio (西尾 茂則 Nishio Shigenori?)
Coach of the Meisei High team. He becomes ill in the brothers' senior year, and must stay in the hospital for its entirety. He assigns an interim coach, Eijiro Kashiwaba, to fill his position, touting him as a "kind, gentle man who loves baseball from the bottom of his heart." The players find, however, that Kashiwaba is not like this at all, much to their chagrin. Coach Nishio returns much later, after nearly a full season has passed. Voiced by: Kōichi Kitamura
Sachiko Nishio (西尾 佐知子 Nishio Sachiko?)
Daughter of Coach Nishio, and manager for the Meisei High team. She befriends Minami, and encourages her to also become a team manager. She is the girlfriend of Meisei's former ace, Kuroki, and both she and he see prospective talent in Kazuya's older brother, Tatsuya, and they try to recruit him to the baseball team. Voiced by: Hiromi Tsuru
Takeshi Kuroki (黒木 武 Kuroki Takeshi?)
Upperclassman of Kazuya who initially scouts him out, and finds his pitching incredible enough to recommend that he starts as Meisei's ace in his own place the following year. Afterwards, he moves to third base. He and his girlfriend Sachiko, who also happens to be the team manager, see talent in Tatsuya as well as Kazuya, and constantly try to get him to try out for the team. Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa
Takeshi Yoshida (吉田 剛 Yoshida Takeshi?)
Transfer student to Meisei High who initially idolizes the older brother, Tatsuya, but eventually becomes bitter because he felt he is a better pitcher than Tatsuya if given the same chance. He then swears to be Tatsuya's enemy, and turns from a kind and pleasant young man into a vengeful and rude curmudgeon. He became distrustful of those who are close to Tatsuya, believing them to be playing favoritism and he wasn't completely wrong. He challenged Tatsuya for the position of the team's ace pitcher but before the match was resolved, he had to move to South America due to his father's job. Voiced by: Yoku ShioyaVoiced by: Ryō Horikawa
Voiced by: Minoru Inaba
Eiichirō Kashiwaba
The brother of Eijirō, and the one who Coach Nishio thought he was hiring. Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi



The series was collected in 26 tankōbon volumes. It has been reissued in 11 wideban volumes, 14 bunkoban volumes, and then again in 17 "perfect edition" volumes in the original magazine size with color inserts.

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Anime series

The anime series of Touch premiered on 24 March 1985, and ran until 22 March 1987, comprising 101 episodes in total.[5] It was one of the highest-rated anime television shows ever in Japan, with episodes consistently rated 30+ percentage points during parts of its run.[2] In a 2005 poll by TV Asahi of the top 100 animated television series, Touch was ranked 9th.[6]

# Title[7] Original air date
1 "No matter what everybody says, we're twins!"
"Dare ga nanto iō to oretachi futago desu!!" (誰がなんと言おーとオレたち双子です!!) 
March 24, 1985
2 "Women's intuition! Worried about Tatsuya's talent"
"Onna no chokkan! Chotchi kininaru Tatsuya no sainō" (女の直感!チョッチ気になる達也の才能) 
March 31, 1985
3 "Unexpectedly pitching for the first time! Kazuya's troublesome name!?"
"Omowazu hatsutouban! Kazuya no namae de osawagase!?" (思わず初登板!和也の名前でお騒がせ!?) 
April 7, 1985
4 "Did you see? Didn't you see?! Minami's diary!"
"Mita ka? Minai ka? Minami no nikki!!" (見たか?見ないか!?南の日記!!) 
April 14, 1985
5 "High fever rally race! Such an accurate goal!?"
"Nekketsu baton tatchi! Gōru wa seikaku ni ne!?" (熱血バトンタッチ!ゴールは正確にネ!?) 
April 21, 1985
6 "The rumour's true!? Minami & Kazuya's worried families"
"Uwasa wa hontō!? Minami to Kazuya no kininaru kankei" (ウワサは本当!?南と和也の気になる関係) 
April 28, 1985
7 "Really! Tatsuya and Minami's wedding clothes!?"
"E honto!! Tatsuya to Minami ga kekkon shichau!?" (えッホント!!達也と南が結婚しちゃう!?) 
May 5, 1985
8 "Tatsuya in a fight! The truth at the brother showdown"
"Tatsuya uchimasu!! Honki de kyōdai taiketsu" (達也打ちます!!ホンキで兄弟対決!?) 
May 12, 1985
9 "Tatsuya and Harada's dangerous friendship!"
"Tatsuya to Harada-kun no abunai yūjō!" (達也と原田クンのア·ブ·ナ·イ友情!) 
May 19, 1985
10 "Everyone in the high school is worried!"
"Minna nayande kibun wa sukkari kōkōsei desu!" (みんな悩んで気分はすっかり高校生デス!) 
May 26, 1985
11 "Come on, baseball team! A subtle shift in Tatsuya's heart!"
"Kitare yakyūbu! Bimyō ni yureru Tatsuya no kokoro!!" (来たれ野球部!微妙に揺れる達也の心!!) 
June 2, 1985
12 "First practice! Vigorous Kazuya & worn-out Tatsuya!?"
"Hatsu renshū! Hatsuratsu Kazuya to yoreyore Tatsuya!?" (初練習!ハツラツ和也とヨレヨレ達也!?) 
June 9, 1985
13 "Kazuya's worried! Dear Kōtarō's slump"
"Kazuya shinpai desu! Koi no suranpu Kōtarō-kun" (和也心配です!恋のスランプ孝太郎くん) 
June 16, 1985
14 "Discontent? Minami & Kazuya are the best couple!?"
"Fuman desu? Minami to Kazuya wa besuto kappuru!?" (不満です?南と和也はベストカップル!?) 
June 23, 1985
15 "This is trouble! Tatsuya slapped Minami!"
"Kore wa jiken desu! Tatsuya ga Minami o hirateuchi!!" (これは事件です!達也が南を平手打ち!!) 
June 30, 1985
16 "It's painful! Kazuya's heart is lemon-colored!"
"Setsunai ne! Kazuya no hāto wa remon iro!" (せつないネ!和也のハートはレモン色!) 
July 7, 1985
17 "First kiss! Too much love from Minami!?"
"fāsuto kisu! Minami yori ai o komete!?" (ファースト·キス!南より愛をこめて!?) 
July 14, 1985
18 "Tatsuya's feelings are a little complex!"
"Tatsuya no kimochi wa chotto fukuzatsu desu!" (達也の気持ちはちょっとフクザツです!) 
July 21, 1985
19 "Forget, forget-me-not!? Important memories for two"
"Wasuretai wasurenai!? Futari no daiji na omoide" (忘れたい忘れない!?二人の大事な思い出) 
August 4, 1985
20 "What should he do? Tatsuya's tender chance encounter!"
"Dōsuru no? Tatsuya no yasashisa surechigai!!" (どーするの?達也の優しさすれちがい!!) 
August 11, 1985
21 "Kat-chan wanted to make it to Kōshien for Minami's sake"
"Soredemo Katchan wa Minami no tame ni Kōshien" (それでもカッちゃんは南のために甲子園) 
August 18, 1985
22 "Keep on playing ball! Kazuya vs. Terashima!"
"Iyoiyo purei bōru! Kazuya tai Terashima!" (いよいよプレーボール!和也VS寺島!) 
August 25, 1985
23 "Minami registered! She appeared!? Love's timely sudden change"
"Minami ni todoke! Deruka!? Koi no gyakuten taimurī" (南に届け!出るか!? 恋の逆転タイムリー) 
September 8, 1985
24 "Kōshien after just one more, Minami's dream after just one more!"
"Kōshien made ato hitotsu, Minami no yume mo ato hitotsu!" (甲子園まであと1つ 南の夢もあと1つ!) 
September 22, 1985
25 "Minami's longest day! Kat-chan, hurry up and come!"
"Minami no ichiban nagai hi! Hayaku kite Katchan!!" (南の一番長い日!早く来てカッちゃん!!) 
September 29, 1985
26 "End of the tournament! If you weren't there..."
"Shiai shūryō! Kimi ga inakereba..." (試合終了!君がいなければ...) 
October 6, 1985
27 "Summer was too short...Goodbye, Kat-chan!"
"Mijikasugita natsu ... Katchan ni sayonara!" (短かすぎた夏...カッちゃんにさよなら!) 
October 13, 1985
28 "What's a baseball team without an ace..."
"Ēsu no inai yakyūbu nante..." (エースのいない野球部なんて...) 
October 20, 1985
29 "What? Tender Tat-chan's boxer status!?"
"Are? Yasashī Tatchan bokusā shikkaku!?" (アレ?優しいタッちゃんボクサー失格!?) 
October 27, 1985
30 "There's no reason not to use the glorious Number 1"
"Eikō no sebangō 1 yatte yarenai wake wa nai" (栄光の背番号1やってやれない訳はない) 
November 3, 1985
31 "Tatsuya on the mound! Control is another story, however"
"Gōwan Tatsuya! Demo kontorōru ga kadai desu" (剛腕達也!でもコントロールが課題です) 
November 10, 1985
32 "Kazuya's dear wife, but the worry is about the stupid brother"
"Ore wa Kazuya no koinyōbō demo kininaru baka aniki" (俺は和也の恋女房でも気になるバカ兄貴) 
November 17, 1985
33 "Birth of a rhythmic gymnastics star! Minami has a natural gift!?"
"Tanjō shintaisō no hoshi! Minami wa yappari tensai!?" (誕生新体操の星!南はやっぱり天才!?) 
November 24, 1985
34 "Good luck, Tatsuya! The exhilaration of taking the mound for the first time"
"Ganbare Tatsuya! Hara hara doki doki hatsu tōban" (がんばれ達也!ハラハラドキドキ初登板) 
December 1, 1985
35 "One way or another you're cornered!? Current rumours of Minami!"
"Nanika to shinpai!? Chikagoro uwasa no Minami-chan!" (何かと心配!?近頃ウワサの南ちゃん!) 
December 8, 1985
36 "Alone together! Minami and Tatsuya's dangerous night!?"
"Futari kiri! Minami to Tatsuya no abunai yoru!?" (2人きり!南と達也のアブナイ夜!?) 
December 15, 1985
37 "Aim for Kōshien! The baseball club is in the middle of camp!"
"Mezase Kōshien! Tadaima yakyūbu gasshukuchū!!" (めざせ甲子園!ただいま野球部合宿中!!) 
December 22, 1985
38 "First round preliminaries! Strategist Tat-chan enters!?"
"Yosen ikkaisen! Zunōha Tatchan tōjō!?" (予選一回戦!頭脳派タッちゃん登場!?) 
December 29, 1985
39 "Show of competence! Cool Nitta and Tenacious Nishimura!"
"Jitsuryoku haiken! Kūru na Nitta to Gattsu Nishimura!!" (実力拝見!クールな新田とガッツ西村!!) 
January 5, 1986
40 "A heated second round! Tat-chan vs. Tenacious Nishimura"
"Nettō nikaisen! Tatchan tai Gattsu Nishimura" (熱投2回戦!タッちゃんvsガッツ西村!!) 
January 12, 1986
41 "11th inning in the rain! Bases loaded with 2 outs! Batter Nishimura"
"Ame no enchō jūichi kai! Nishi manrui!! Battā Nishimura" (雨の延長11回!2死満塁!!バッター西村) 
January 19, 1986
42 "Another extra inning!? The four-sided love affair about Minami"
"Mō hitotsu no enchōsen!? Minami o meguru shikaku kankei" (もう一つの延長戦!?南をめぐる四角関係) 
January 26, 1986
43 "Shake up Tatsuya the ace! Minami & Nitta's dangerous relationship!?"
"Yureru ēsu Tatsuya!! Nitta to Minami ga kyūsekkin!?" (揺れるエース達也!!新田と南が急接近!?) 
February 2, 1986
44 "Yuka's detective story! Where did Minami & Tatsuya go?"
"Yuka no tantei monogatari! Minami to Tatsuya wa doko e yuku" (由加の探偵物語!南と達也はどこへ行く) 
February 9, 1986
45 "Challenge to the ace! I'm Uesugi's rival!"
"Ēsu o nerae! Boku ga Uesugi no raibaru da!!" (エースを狙え!僕が上杉のライバルだ!!) 
February 16, 1986
46 "Rival declaration! Surpassing Uesugi Kazuya!"
"Raibaru sengen! Uesugi Kazuya o koetekure!!" (ライバル宣言!上杉和也を越えてくれ!!) 
February 23, 1986
47 "Showdown with Sumiko! What? The pitcher is Yoshida!!"
"Taiketsu Sumikō! E!? Pitchā Yoshida!!" (対決須見工!えッ!?ピッチャー吉田!!) 
March 2, 1986
48 "Uesugi appears at last! Nitta, I'll be victorious!"
"Tsui ni Uesugi tōjō! Nitta, ore to shōbu da!!" (遂に上杉登場!新田、オレと勝負だ!!) 
March 9, 1986
49 "Brother, don't give up! Kōshien's in sight!"
"Dame aniki henjō! Kōshien ga mietekita!!" (ダメ兄貴返上!甲子園が見えてきた!!) 
March 16, 1986
50 "A date after school!? Minami & Nitta's dangerous relationship!"
"Hōkago dēto!? Minami to Nitta wa abunai kankei!!" (放課後デート!?南と新田は危ない関係!!) 
March 23, 1986
51 "Unacceptable!? Minami declares her love to Tatsuya!"
"Nattoku shinai!? Minami ga Tatsuya ni koibito sengen!!" (納得しない!?南が達也に恋人宣言!!) 
March 30, 1986
52 "A love triangle! You're a bother!"
"Koi no sangen chūkei! Jamamono wa omae da!!" (恋の三元中継!ジャマ者はお前だ!!) 
April 6, 1986
53 "Tatsuya's extracurricular lessons ... Thinking too much about love!"
"Tatsuya no kagai jugyō ... Omoisugoshi mo koi no uchi!" (達也の課外授業...思い過ごしも恋の内!) 
April 13, 1986
54 "Finally, the last Kōshien!"
"Dainibu kan: Iyoiyo saigo no Kōshien dazo!!" (いよいよ最後の甲子園だゾ!!) 
April 20, 1986
55 "Highlights: Memories are too beautiful..."
"Sōshūhen: Omoide wa utsukushisugite..." (総集編·思い出は美し過ぎて...) 
April 27, 1986
56 "Highlights: Don't surrender the ace position to anyone!"
"Sōshūhen: Ēsu wa dare ni mo watasanai!" (総集編·エースは誰にも渡さない!) 
May 4, 1986
57 "A mysterious new coach turns up!"
"Nazo no shinkantoku ga yattekuru!!" (謎の新監督がやってくる!!) 
May 11, 1986
58 "I'm Kashiwaba! I won't forgive the spoiled children!"
"Ore wa Kashiwaba! Amattare wa yurusanai!!" (オレは柏葉!甘ったれは許さない!!) 
May 18, 1986
59 "Tempest at the Meisei baseball club! Another problem after Minami leaves"
"Arashi no Meisei yakyū-bu! Minami ga satte mata ichinan" (嵐の明青野球部!南が去ってまた一難) 
May 25, 1986
60 "Hard-fighting new coach! Minami's still number one"
"Shin manejā daikusen! Yappari Minami ga ichiban" (新マネジャー大苦戦!やっぱり南が一番) 
June 1, 1986
61 "Hey Kashiwaba! Minami is the bet in the contest!"
"Oi Kashiwaba! Minami o kakete shōbu da!!" (オイ柏葉!南を賭けて勝負だ!!) 
June 8, 1986
62 "Sepia-coloured couple! Minami & Nitta's beach story"
"Sepia iro no futari! Minami to Nitta no kaigan monogatari" (セピア色の2人!南と新田の海岸物語) 
June 15, 1986
63 "The secret behind the sunglasses! What kind of person is Kashiwaba?"
"Sangurasu no oku no himitsu! Kashiwaba wa nanimono?" (サングラスの奥の秘密!柏葉は何者?) 
June 22, 1986
64 "No rules of the practice game! We're watching the demon manager"
"Jingi naki renshū jiai! Oni kantoku no otenami haiken" (仁義なき練習試合!鬼監督のお手並拝見) 
June 29, 1986
65 "Go for it, Minami. It's not suitable to give up!"
"Ganbare Minami. Gibu appu wa niawanai!!" (ガンバレ南!ギブ·アップは似合わない!!) 
July 6, 1986
66 "Minami is the student council president? An idol one way or another!"
"Minami ga seito kaichō? Aidoru wa nanika to taihen!" (南が生徒会長?アイドルは何かと大変!) 
July 13, 1986
67 "Oh-oh, we're beginning to see! Coach Kashiwaba's true character!"
"Mumu mitekitazo! Kashiwaba kantoku no shōtai!!" (ムムッ見えてきたぞ!柏葉監督の正体!) 
July 20, 1986
68 "Stop Tatsuya! Yuka's forced dating strategy!"
"Sutoppu za Tatsuya! Yuka no muriyari dēto sakusen!!" (ストップ·ザ·達也!由加のむりやりデート作戦!!) 
July 27, 1986
69 "The Kōshien dream! Don't rush your resignation!"
"Yume wa Kōshien! Taibu todoke wa awatezu ni!!" (夢は甲子園!退部届はあわてずに!!) 
August 3, 1986
70 "Summer is soon! How many more dropout troubles"
"Natsu majika! Doko made tsuzuku ochikobore sōdō" (夏まじか!どこまで続く落ちこぼれ騒動) 
August 10, 1986
71 "Summer camp starts! The evil coach is waiting!"
"Natsu gasshuku totsunyū! Oni kantoku ga matteiru!!" (夏合宿突入!鬼監督が待っている!!) 
August 17, 1986
72 "Scarier than the demon? Lady Yuka's cooking camp!"
"Oni yori kowai? Ojō-sama Yuka no gasshuku ryōri!!" (鬼より怖い?お嬢様由加の合宿料理!!) 
August 24, 1986
73 "Chef Yuka! It's a long hard road to be a gourmet chef!"
"Hōchōnin Yuka! Gurume no michi wa kewashiku tōi!!" (包丁人由加!グルメの道は険しく遠い!!) 
August 31, 1986
74 "Finally! Cooking battle between Minami & Yuka"
"Tsui ni kita! Minami to Yuka no kukkingu dai sensō" (遂にきた!南と由加のクッキング大戦争) 
September 14, 1986
75 "End of the cooking trouble!? Secret taste is from Minami's spice"
"Oryōri sōdō kanketsu!? Kakushi aji wa Minami no supaisu" (お料理騒動完結!?隠し味は南のスパイス) 
September 21, 1986
76 "Thinking of the floor exercise! Minami is waiting for Tatsuya!?"
"Kinishite shintaisō! Minami wa Tatsuya o matteiru!?" (気にして新体操!南は達也を待っている!?) 
September 28, 1986
77 "First match of the competition! Now summer is here!"
"Yosen kumiawase kettei! Iyoiyo natsu honban!!" (予選組み合わせ決定!いよいよ夏本番!!) 
October 5, 1986
78 "Highlights: Asakura Minami is 18! Now is the time for youth!"
"Sōshūhen I: Asakura Minami wa 18-sai! Tadaima seishun shinkōkei!!" (総集編·浅倉南18才!ただいま青春進行形!!) 
October 12, 1986
79 "Highlights: Fight Meisei! Kashiwaba doesn't scare us"
"Soushuuhen II: Faito Meisei!! Kashiwaba nanka kowakunai" (総集編·ファイト明青!!柏葉なんか怖くない) 
October 19, 1986
80 "Today is the first round! We're not going to lose!"
"Honjitsu yosen ikkaisen! Yaruki dake wa makenaize!!" (本日予選一回戦!やる気だけは負けないぜ!!) 
October 26, 1986
81 "First battle is no problem! The real enemy is Kashiwaba!?"
"Tondemonai ikkaisen! Hontō no teki wa Kashiwaba!?" (とんでもない一回戦!本当の敵は柏葉!?) 
November 2, 1986
82 "I can see! Kashiwaba brother's secret"
"Mietazo! Kashiwaba kyōdai no fukai nazo" (見えたぞ!柏葉兄弟のふかーい謎) 
November 9, 1986
83 "What will Tatsuya do in the second round! Kōtarō's in a pinch!!"
"Dōsuru Tatsuya nikaisen! Kōtarō dai pinchi!!" (どうする達也二回戦!孝太郎大ピンチ!!) 
November 16, 1986
84 "Yuka-chan in danger! Don't force the date so much"
"Yuka-chan kiki ippatsu!! Oshikake dēto mo hodohodo ni" (由加チャン危機一髪!!押しかけデートもほどほどに) 
November 23, 1986
85 "Unforgettable showdown! It's about time for his comeback!"
"Shūnen no taiketsu!? Imagoro aitsuga kamubakku!" (執念の対決!今頃あいつがカムバック!) 
November 30, 1986
86 "I'm not going to lose the third time! Behold the power of the ace!"
"Makete tamaru ka sankaisen! ēsu no chikara o misete yaru!" (負けてたまるか三回戦!エースの力を見せてやる!) 
December 7, 1986
87 "Unexpected!? Kashiwaba's romance! An awakening of love like Minami's"
"Igai!? Kashiwaba romansu! Minami ni niteiru koigokoro" (意外!?柏葉ロマンス!南に似ている恋心) 
December 14, 1986
88 "It's not revenge!? No signs in the fourth game!!"
"Fukushū janai!? Nō sain de yonkaisen!" (復讐じゃない!?NOサインで4回戦!!) 
December 21, 1986
89 "Tatsuya's the ace? Feeling the pressure!?"
"Tatsuya wa ēsu? Senaka ni kanjiru puresshā!?" (達也はエース?背中に感じるプレッシャー!?) 
December 28, 1986
90 "Round before the semifinals! Meisei vs. 3 pitchers!?"
"Junjun kesshō! Meisei tai pitchā ga sannin!?" (準々決勝!明青VSピッチャーが3人!?) 
January 4, 1987
91 "It's unexpected!? The game's not over yet!"
"Ban kuruwase!? Mada mada shōbu wa wakaranai!" (番狂わせ!?まだまだ勝負は判らない!) 
January 11, 1987
92 "Distressing image pile up! Tatsuya's more than Minami expected!"
"Setsunai imēji kasanaru ne! Tatsuya wa Minami no yosō ijō!" (せつないイメージ重なるネ!達也は南の予想以上!) 
January 18, 1987
93 "Here it comes!? Coach's order! Wounded heart, enduring Kashiwaba's program!"
"Deta!? Kantoku meirei! Kokoro ni kizu motsu Kashiwaba saihai!" (出た!?監督命令!心に傷持つ柏葉采配!) 
January 25, 1987
94 "In the middle of the semi-finals! Tat-chan going for the big new record!"
"Junkesshō massaichū! Naruka Tatchan daikiroku!" (準決勝真最中!なるかタッちゃん大記録!) 
February 1, 1987
95 "Celebrate, victory of the finals! Our fate lies in Kashiwaba's hand!"
"Shuku, kesshō shinshutsu! Unmei wa Kashiwaba no te no naka ni!" (祝·決勝進出!運命は柏葉の手の中に!) 
February 8, 1987
96 "One more to get to Kōshien! Hope! Kazuya's promise"
"Ato hitotsu de Kōshien! Kanaetai! Kazuya no yakusoku" (あと1つで甲子園!叶えたい!和也の約束) 
February 15, 1987
97 "Go go Meisei! Play ball to victory!"
"Gō Gō Meisei! Shōri ni mukatte purē bōru!" (GoGo明青!勝利に向かってプレーボール!) 
February 22, 1987
98 "Finals for whom!? See the real Tatsuya!"
"Dare no Tame no kesshōsen!? Hontō no Tatsuya o misete!" (誰のための決勝戦!?本当の達也を見せて!) 
March 1, 1987
99 "No more chances!? It's coming! The Kashiwaba sign!"
"Mō ato ga nai!? Deruka! Kashiwaba sain!" (もう後が無い!?出るか!柏葉サイン!) 
March 8, 1987
100 "Let's win Meisei! Kōshien is waiting for us!"
"Katsuzo Meisei! Kōshien wa oretachi o matteiru!" (勝つぞ明青!甲子園は俺たちを待っている!) 
March 15, 1987
101 "New starting line, from Tatsuya Uesugi to Minami Asakura..."
"Atarashii stāto rain, Uesugi Tatsuya wa Asakura Minami o..." (新しいスタートライン·上杉達也は浅倉南を...) 
March 22, 1987


  • Planning: Tadashi Oka (Fuji TV) & Yoshirō Kataoka (ADK), in cooperation with Kiyoshi Usami (OB Planning)
  • Executive Producers: Yoshinobu Nakao (Fuji TV), Chihiro Kameyama (Fuji TV), Masashi Fujihara, Shigetsugu Tsuiki
  • Art Director: Shichirō Kobayashi
  • Backgrounds: Kobayashi Production
  • Photography: Studio Gallop
  • Music Director: Fusanobu Fujiyama
  • Music Work: Zack Promotion
  • Music: Hiroaki Serizawa
  • Assistant Animation Director: Minoru Maeda
  • Series Bungei Organization: Yumiko Takaboshi, Satoshi Namiki
  • Title Animation: Gisaburō Sugii, Minoru Maeda, Akinori Nagaoka
  • Animation Director: Tsuneo Maeda
  • Series Director: Hiroko Tokita
  • Assistant Director: Gisaburō Sugii
  • Production Assistance: Studio Junio, Studio Gallop, Kitty Films
  • Production: Toho, Group TAC, ADK

Theme songs

Episodes 1-27: Touch, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 28-56: Ai ga Hitoribotchi, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 57-79: Che! Che! Che!, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 80-93: Hitoribotchi no Duet, by Yumekojo
Episodes 94-101: Jōnetsu Monogatari, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 1-27: Kimi ga Inakereba, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 28-62: Seishun, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 63-79: Yakusoku, by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Episodes 80-101: Kimi wo Tobashita Gogo, by Yumekojo

TV Drama

Live-action movie

A live-action movie of Touch was released in Japan on 10 September 2005; Keita Saito starred as Kazuya Uesugi, Masami Nagasawa as Minami Asakura, and Syota Saito as Tatsuya Uesugi.


Kazuya Kamenashi of the J-pop group KAT-TUN was named after Kazuya Uesugi.[8][9]

Tatsuya Ueda, of the same band, was named after Tatsuya Uesugi.[10]


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