List of Canadian provinces and territories by gross domestic product

This article lists Canadian provinces and territories by gross domestic product. As of 2006, Canada has a total gross domestic product (GDP) of C$1.439 trillion ranking 8th in the world or (at purchasing power parity (PPP) roughly US$1.164 trillion, ranking 12th in the world. GDP per capita — essentially total GDP divided by population — for Canada is C$44,109 or US$35,778, ranking 7th worldwide.

While Canada’s ten provinces and three territories exhibit high GDPs, there is wide variation among them. Ontario, the country's most populous province, is a manufacturing and trade locus with extensive linkages to the northeastern and midwestern United States; if compared to countries, Ontario's GDP would rank 25th largest in the world. Conversely, territorial GDPs are comparable to those of smaller island nations and, in turn, smaller than many larger Canadian cities and towns.

There is also variation among provincial and territorial GDPs per capita. Largely the result of its oil industry, Alberta’s very high GDP per capita is more than double that of Prince Edward Island, the province with the lowest GDP per capita. To equilibrate these disparities and enable comparable service delivery nationwide, the federal government pools and transfers moneys through equalization payments from the ‘have’ provinces (those with above average economies) — namely Ontario and Alberta — to ‘have-not’ ones (those having below average economies). In absolute terms, Quebec is a major long-standing recipient of equalization. In the last decade, British Columbia and Saskatchewan have both subsidized and received equalization. Newfoundland and Labrador, traditionally a ‘have-not’ province, has undergone a dramatic increase in its GDP in recent years due largely to a number of off-shore oil projects and will be off equalization by the end of the 2008 fiscal year. The territories generally exhibit higher GDP per capita values, attributable to heightened federal transfers that accommodate for the high costs of living amidst the inclement Arctic climate of northern Canada.



Real GDP

Real gross domestic product, expenditure-based, by province and territory 2001 and 2006Plus percent of TOTAL GDP 2006 for each jurisdiction, real growth in dollars, percent of total growth"'
"(millions of chained (1997) C$ sorted by GDP 2006, descending)"

Ordered by GDP per capita

Canadian provinces and territories are listed in descending order of GDP (PPP) per capita. For each, after currency conversion, comparable countries in 2006 are listed.



:* [ Department of Finance Canada: Equalization Program]

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