Lists of people by cause of death

Lists of people by cause of death

This is an index of lists of people by cause of death, in alphabetical order of cause.
*List of deaths by aircraft misadventure
*List of deaths through alcohol
*List of deaths from anorexia nervosa
*List of assassinated people
*List of choking deaths
*List of professional cyclists who died during a race
*List of drowning victims
*List of drug-related deaths
*List of deaths by accidental drug overdose
*List of people killed in duels
*List of people who were executed
*List of horse accidents (deaths and serious injuries)
*List of deaths by motorcycle accidents
*List of deaths on eight-thousanders
*List of pneumonia victims
*List of poisonings
*List of prison deaths
*List of racing drivers who died in racing crashes
*List of people who died in road accidents
*List of skiing deaths
*List of victims of fatal snake bites in the United States by decade
*List of sportspeople who have died during their playing career
*Space accidents and incidents
*List of people who died of starvation
*List of suicides
*List of tuberculosis victims
*List of volcanic eruption deaths
*List of unusual deaths
*List of women who died in childbirth

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* List of causes of death by rate

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