Hasan (hadith)

Hasan ( _ar. حسن "ArabDIN|Ḥasan") is an Arabic language word. It is used in Hadith evaluation, meaning roughly "good."

al-Tirmidhi defined Hasan as a Hadith which does not contain a reporter accused of lying and it is not Shadh (rare) and the Hadith has been reported through more than one Sanadhttp://www.jamiat.org.za/isinfo/tirmidhi04.html] .

Khattabi (d. 388 A.H.), a commentator on Sunan Abu Dawud, defined Hasan: :"It refers to a Hadith which is known, its reporters are famous, the majority of the scholars have accepted it as evidence and the jurists utilize it."

Thus, there is a difference between in the definition between al-Tirmidhi and others. Tirmidhi requires several chains of transmitters, while according to the majority, a tradition with a single chain can also be classified as Hasan .

The name "Hasan" can be translated to "Handsome".

To Do a Hasan (Business)

A business term which refers to a sole individual who sells out his or her business partners to pursue on their own for their greed. [http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hasan]


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