Kay (surname)

Kay is a surname, and may refer to

* Alan Kay, American computer scientist and visionary
* Alexander Kay, British television presenter
* Andrew Kay, American computer company CEO
* Antony Kay, English footballer (see also Tony Kay below)
* Barry Kay, Australian ballet designer
* Beatrice Kay, American actress
* Ben Kay, English rugby player
* Bernard Kay, British actor
* Billy Kay, Scottish writer
* Chris Kay, American wrestling referee
* Connie Kay, American jazz drummer
* Crystal Kay, J-pop singer
* David Kay, American scientist
* Dianne Kay, American actress
* Don Kay, Tasmanian Composer
* Doug Kay, football coach
* Elizabeth Kay, British writer
* Guy Gavriel Kay, Canadian fantasy writer
* Hadley Kay, Canadian voice actor
* Ian Kay, British convicter murderer
* Jackie Kay, British poet and author
* James Ellsworth De Kay, American zoologist
* James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, British physician and politician
* Jason Kay, British singer Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)
* John Kay, one of several people including
**John Kay (flying shuttle) (1704–1780), English inventor of textile machinery, notably the flying shuttle
**John Kay (spinning frame) (17??–17??), English developer of textile machinery, notably the spinning frame (not the same as John Kay immediately above)
**John Kay (caricaturist) (1742–1826), Scottish caricaturist
**Sir John Kay (judge) (1943–2004), British High Court judge
**John Kay (musician) (1944– ), musician and lead singer of Canadian rock band Steppenwolf
**John Kay (poet) (14th century), English poet laureate
**John Kay (economist)] (1948– ), Scottish economist, Financial Times columnist and author
**John Kay (journalist) (1944– ), British journalist on Rupert Murdoch's "The Sun"
* Johnny Kay, lead guitarist for Bill Haley and His Comets from 1961 to 1967
* Joseph Kay, British economist
* Karina Kay, American porn actress
* Kathie Kay, Scottish singer
* Kay Kay, Indian playback singer
* Kelly Kay, British model
* Lesli Kay, American actress
* Lily E. Kay, historian of science
* Marshall Kay, American geologist
* Melody Kay, American actress
* Michael Kay, American radio personality
* Michael Kay, British software developer
* Neal Kay, British DJ
* Norman Kay, British composer
* Paul Kay, American linguist
* Peter Kay, British comedian
* Ray Kay, Norwegian film director
* Steven M Kay, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island and a leading expert in signal processing.
* Sonny Kay, American record label owner
* Sumela Kay, Canadian actress
* Susan Kay, writer
* Tess Kay, British television presenter Tess Daly
* Tony Kay, English footballer (see also Antony Kay above)
* Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth, 1st Baron Shuttleworth
* Ulysses Kay, American composer
* Vanessa Kay, American model and actress
* Vernon Kay, British television presenter
* William Frederic Kay, Canadian politician

ee also

* Kay
* Mary Kay, cosmetics brand
* Baron Shuttleworth
* Kaye


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