45th United States Congress - State Delegations

The Forty-fifth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, DC from March 4 1877 to March 3 1879, during the first two years of the administration of U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Eighth Census of the United States in 1870. The Senate had a Republican majority, and the House had a Democratic majority.

This article supplements the main article with a list of the members by state delegation.

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Dates of sessions

March 4 1877 - March 3 1879
*First session: October 15 1877December 3 1877
*First session: December 3 1877 - June 20 1878
*Second session: December 2 1878 - March 3 1879 — a lame duck sessionPrevious congress: 44th Congress
Next congress: 46th Congress


Senators were elected by the state legislatures every two years, with one-third beginning new six year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring reelection in 1880; Class 2 meant their term began in this Congress, requiring reelection in 1882; and Class 3 meant their term ended in this Congress, requiring reelection in 1878.

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise "at-large," are preceded by an "A/L," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Many of the congressional district numbers are linked to articles describing the district itself. Since the boundaries of the districts have changed often and substantially, the linked article may only describe the district as it exists today, and not as it was at the time of this Congress.

The list below is arranged by state, then by chamber. Senators are shown in order of seniority, House members in district order.


*3: George E. Spencer (1836-1893), "Republican"
*2: John T. Morgan (1824-1907), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Alabama|1|1: James T. Jones (1832-1895), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|2|2: Hilary A. Herbert (1834-1919), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|3|3: Jeremiah N. Williams (1829-1915), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|4|4: Charles M. Shelley (1833-1907), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|5|5: Robert F. Ligon (1823-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|6|6: Goldsmith W. Hewitt (1834-1895), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|7|7: William H. Forney (1823-1894), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|8|8: William W. Garth (1828-1912), "Democratic"


*3: Stephen W. Dorsey (1842-1916), "Republican"
*2: Augustus H. Garland (1832-1899), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Arkansas|1|1: Lucien C. Gause (1836-1880), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|2|2: William F. Slemons (1830-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|3|3: Jordan E. Cravens (1830-1914), "Independent Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|4|4: Thomas M. Gunter (1826-1904), "Democratic"


*3: Aaron A. Sargent (1827-1887), "Republican"
*1: Newton Booth (1825-1892), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|California|1|1: Horace Davis (1831-1916), "Republican"
*ushr|California|2|2: Horace F. Page (1833-1890), "Republican"
*ushr|California|3|3: John K. Luttrell (1831-1893), "Democratic"
*ushr|California|4|4: Romualdo Pacheco (1831-1899), "Republican" …contested elected, served until February 7 1878.
*: Peter D. Wigginton (1839-1890), "Democratic" …contested elected, seated February 7 1878.


*3: Jerome B. Chaffee (1825-1886), "Republican"
*2: Henry M. Teller (1830-1914), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Colorado|AL|A/L: James B. Belford (1837-1910), "Republican" …contested elected, served until December 13 1877.
*: Thomas M. Patterson (1839-1916), "Democratic" …contested election, seated December 13 1877.


*1: William W. Eaton (1816-1898), "Democratic"
*3: William H. Barnum (1818-1889), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Connecticut|1|1: George M. Landers (1813-1895), "Democratic"
*ushr|Connecticut|2|2: James Phelps (1822-1900), "Democratic"
*ushr|Connecticut|3|3: John T. Wait (1811-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|4|4: Levi Warner (1831-1911), "Democratic"


*1: Thomas F. Bayard, Sr. (1828-1898), "Democratic"
*2: Eli M. Saulsbury (1817-1893), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Delaware|AL|A/L: James Williams (1825-1899), "Democratic"


*3: Simon B. Conover (1840-1908), "Republican"
*1: Charles W. Jones (1834-1897), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Florida|1|1: Robert H. M. Davidson (1832-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Florida|2|2: Horatio Bisbee, Jr. (1839-1916), "Republican" …contested election, served until February 20 1879.
*: Jesse J. Finley (1812-1904), "Democratic" …contested election, seated February 20 1879.


*3: John B. Gordon (1832-1904), "Democratic"
*2: Benjamin H. Hill (1823-1882), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Georgia|1|1: Julian Hartridge (1829-1879), "Democratic" …died January 8 1879.
*: William B. Fleming (1803-1886), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated February 17 1879.
*ushr|Georgia|2|2: William E. Smith (1829-1890), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|3|3: Philip Cook (1817-1894), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|4|4: Henry R. Harris (1828-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|5|5: Milton A. Candler (1837-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|6|6: James H. Blount (1837-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|7|7: William H. Felton (1823-1909), "'Independent Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|8|8: Alexander H. Stephens (1812-1883), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|9|9: Benjamin H. Hill (1823-1882), "Democratic" …resigned March 3 1877.
*: Hiram P. Bell (1827-1907), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated October 15 1877.


*3: Richard J. Oglesby (1824-1899), "Republican"
*2: David Davis (1815-1886), "Independent" :House of Representatives "(19 seats)"
*ushr|Illinois|1|1: William Aldrich (1820-1885), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|2|2: Carter H. Harrison (1825-1893), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|3|3: Lorenzo Brentano (1813-1891), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|4|4: William Lathrop (1825-1907), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|5|5: Horatio C. Burchard (1825-1908), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|6|6: Thomas J. Henderson (1824-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|7|7: Philip C. Hayes (1833-1916), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|8|8: Greenbury L. Fort (1825-1883), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|9|9: Thomas A. Boyd (1830-1897), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|10|10: Benjamin F. Marsh (1839-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|11|11: Robert M. Knapp (1831-1889), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|12|12: William M. Springer (1836-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|13|13: Thomas F. Tipton (1833-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|14|14: Joseph G. Cannon (1836-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|15|15: John R. Eden (1826-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|16|16: William A. J. Sparks (1828-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|17|17: William R. Morrison (1824-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|18|18: William Hartzell (1837-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|19|19: Richard W. Townshend (1840-1889), "Democratic"


*3: Oliver H. P. T. Morton (1823-1877), "Republican" …died November 1 1877.
*: Daniel W. Voorhees (1827-1897), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, seated November 12 1877, subsequently elected.
*1: Joseph E. McDonald (1819-1891), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Indiana|1|1: Benoni S. Fuller (1825-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|2|2: Thomas R. Cobb (1828-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|3|3: George A. Bicknell (1815-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|4|4: Leonidas Sexton (1827-1880), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|5|5: Thomas M. Browne (1829-1891), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|6|6: Milton S. Robinson (1832-1892), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|7|7: John Hanna (1827-1882), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|8|8: Morton C. Hunter (1825-1896), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|9|9: Michael D. White (1827-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|10|10: William H. Calkins (1842-1894), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|11|11: James L. Evans (1825-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|12|12: Andrew H. Hamilton (1834-1895), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|13|13: John H. Baker (1832-1915), "Republican"


*3: William B. Allison (1829-1908), "Republican"
*2: Samuel J. Kirkwood (1813-1894), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Iowa|1|1: Joseph C. Stone (1829-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|2|2: Hiram Price (1814-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|3|3: Theodore W. Burdick (1836-1898), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|4|4: Nathaniel C. Deering (1827-1887), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|5|5: Rush Clark (1834-1879), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|6|6: Ezekiel S. Sampson (1831-1892), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|7|7: Henry J. B. Cummings (1831-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|8|8: William F. Sapp (1824-1890), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|9|9: S. Addison Oliver (1833-1912), "Republican"


*3: John J. Ingalls (1833-1900), "Republican"
*2: Preston B. Plumb (1837-1891), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Kansas|1|1: William A. Phillips (1824-1893), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|2|2: Dudley C. Haskell (1842-1883), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|3|3: Thomas Ryan (1837-1914), "Republican"


*3: Thomas C. McCreery (1816-1890), "Democratic"
*2: James B. Beck (1822-1890), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Kentucky|1|1: Andrew R. Boone (1831-1886), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|2|2: James A. McKenzie (1840-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|3|3: John William Caldwell (1837-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|4|4: J. Proctor Knott (1830-1911), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|5|5: Albert S. Willis (1843-1897), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|6|6: John G. Carlisle (1834-1910), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|7|7: Joseph C. S. Blackburn (1838-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|8|8: Milton J. Durham (1824-1911), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|9|9: Thomas Turner (1821-1900), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|10|10: John B. Clarke (1833-1911), "Democratic"


*2: William Pitt Kellogg (1830-1918), "Republican" …contested election, seated November 30 1877.
*3: James B. Eustis (1834-1899), "Democratic" …contested election, seated December 10 1877.:House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Louisiana|1|1: Randall L. Gibson (1832-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|2|2: E. John Ellis (1840-1889), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|3|3: Chester B. Darrall (1842-1908), "Republican" …contested election, served until February 20 1878.
*: Joseph H. Acklen (1850-1938), "Democratic" …contested election, seated February 20 1878.
*ushr|Louisiana|4|4: Joseph B. Elam (1821-1885), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|5|5: John E. Leonard (1845-1878), "Republican" …died March 15 1878.
*: John S. Young (1834-1916), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 2 1878.
*ushr|Louisiana|6|6: Edward W. Robertson (1823-1887), "Democratic"


*1: Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891), "Republican"
*2: James G. Blaine (1830-1893), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)"
*ushr|Maine|1|1: Thomas B. Reed (1839-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|2|2: William P. Frye (1830-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|3|3: Stephen D. Lindsey (1828-1884), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|4|4: Llewellyn Powers (1836-1908), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|5|5: Eugene Hale (1836-1918), "Republican"


*3: George R. Dennis (1822-1882), "Democratic"
*1: William Pinkney Whyte (1824-1908), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Maryland|1|1: Daniel M. Henry (1823-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|2|2: Charles B. Roberts (1842-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|3|3: William Kimmel (1812-1886), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|4|4: Thomas Swann (1809-1883), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Eli J. Henkle (1828-1893), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|6|6: William Walsh (1828-1892), "Democratic"


*1: Henry L. Dawes (1816-1903), "Republican"
*2: George F. Hoar (1826-1904), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Massachusetts|1|1: William W. Crapo (1830-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|2|2: Benjamin W. Harris (1823-1907), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|3|3: Walbridge A. Field (1833-1899), "Republican" ...contested election, served until March 28 1878.
*: Benjamin Dean (1824-1897), "Democratic" …contested election, seated March 28 1878.
*ushr|Massachusetts|4|4: Leopold Morse (1831-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|5|5: Nathaniel P. Banks (1816-1894), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|6|6: George B. Loring (1817-1891), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|7|7: Benjamin F. Butler (1818-1893), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|8|8: William Claflin (1818-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|9|9: William W. Rice (1826-1896), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|10|10: Amasa Norcross (1824-1898), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|11|11: George D. Robinson (1834-1896), "Republican"


*2: Thomas W. Ferry (1827-1896), "Republican"
*1: Isaac P. Christiancy (1812-1890), "Republican"
*: Zachariah Chandler (1813-1879), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Michigan|1|1: Alpheus S. Williams (1810-1878), "Democratic" …died December 20 1878.
*ushr|Michigan|2|2: Edwin Willits (1830-1896), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|3|3: Jonas H. McGowan (1837-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|4|4: Edwin W. Keightley (1843-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|5|5: John W. Stone (1838-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|6|6: Mark S. Brewer (1837-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|7|7: Omar D. Conger (1818-1898), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|8|8: Charles C. Ellsworth (1824-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|9|9: Jay A. Hubbell (1829-1900), "Republican"


*2: William Windom (1827-1891), "Republican"
*1: Samuel J. R. McMillan (1826-1897), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Minnesota|1|1: Mark H. Dunnell (1823-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|2|2: Horace B. Strait (1835-1894), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|3|3: Jacob H. Stewart (1829-1884), "Republican"


*1: Blanche K. Bruce (1841-1898), "Republican"
*2: Lucius Q. C. Lamar (1825-1893), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Mississippi|1|1: Henry L. Muldrow (1837-1905), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|2|2: Vannoy H. Manning (1839-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|3|3: Hernando D. Money (1839-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|4|4: Otho R. Singleton (1814-1889), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|5|5: Charles E. Hooker (1825-1914), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|6|6: James R. Chalmers (1831-1898), "Democratic"


*3: Lewis V. Bogy (1813-1877), "Democratic" …died September 20 1877.
*: David H. Armstrong (1812-1893), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, seated October 15 1877.
*: James Shields (1810-1879), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated January 27 1879.
*1: Francis M. Cockrell (1834-1915), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Missouri|1|1: Anthony F. Ittner (1837-1931), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|2|2: Nathan Cole (1825-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|3|3: Lyne S. Metcalfe (1822-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|4|4: Robert A. Hatcher (1819-1886), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|5|5: Richard P. Bland (1835-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|6|6: Charles H. Morgan (1842-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|7|7: Thomas T. Crittenden (1832-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|8|8: Benjamin J. Franklin (1839-1898), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|9|9: David Rea (1831-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|10|10: Henry M. Pollard (1836-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|11|11: John B. Clark, Jr. (1831-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|12|12: John M. Glover (1822-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|13|13: Aylett H. Buckner (1816-1894), "Democratic"


*1: Algernon S. Paddock (1830-1897), "Republican"
*2: Alvin Saunders (1817-1899), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Nebraska|AL|A/L: Frank Welch (1835-1878), "Republican" …died September 4 1878.
*: Thomas J. Majors (1841-1932), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 2 1878.


*3: John P. Jones (1829-1912), "Republican"
*1: William Sharon (1821-1885), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Nevada|AL|A/L: Thomas Wren (1826-1904), "Republican"

New Hampshire

*3: Bainbridge Wadleigh (1831-1891), "Republican"
*2: Edward H. Rollins (1824-1889), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|New Hampshire|1|1: Frank Jones (1832-1902), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|2|2: James F. Briggs (1827-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|3|3: Henry W. Blair (1834-1920), "Republican"

New Jersey

*1: Theodore F. Randolph (1826-1883), "Democratic"
*2: John R. McPherson (1833-1897), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|New Jersey|1|1: Clement H. Sinnickson (1834-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|2|2: John H. Pugh (1827-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|3|3: Miles Ross (1827-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Jersey|4|4: Alvah A. Clark (1840-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Jersey|5|5: Augustus W. Cutler (1827-1897), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Jersey|6|6: Thomas B. Peddie (1808-1889), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|7|7: Augustus A. Hardenbergh (1830-1889), "Democratic"

New York

*3: Roscoe Conkling (1829-1888), "Republican"
*1: Francis Kernan (1816-1892), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(33 seats)"
*ushr|New York|1|1: James W. Covert (1842-1910), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|2|2: William D. Veeder (1835-1910), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|3|3: Simeon B. Chittenden (1814-1889), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|4|4: Archibald M. Bliss (1838-1923), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|5|5: Nicholas Muller (1836-1917), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|6|6: Samuel S. Cox (1824-1889), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|7|7: Anthony Eickhoff (1827-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|8|8: Anson G. McCook (1835-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|9|9: Fernando Wood (1812-1881), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|10|10: Abram S. Hewitt (1822-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|11|11: Benjamin A. Willis (1840-1886), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|12|12: Clarkson N. Potter (1825-1882), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|13|13: John H. Ketcham (1832-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|14|14: George M. Beebe (1836-1927), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|15|15: Stephen L. Mayham (1826-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|16|16: Terence J. Quinn (1836-1878), "Democratic" …died June 18 1878.
*: John M. Bailey (1838-1916), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 2 1878.
*ushr|New York|17|17: Martin I. Townsend (1810-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|18|18: Andrew Williams (1828-1907), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|19|19: Amaziah B. James (1812-1883), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|20|20: John H. Starin (1825-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|21|21: Solomon Bundy (1823-1889), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|22|22: George A. Bagley (1826-1915), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|23|23: William J. Bacon (1803-1889), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|24|24: William H. Baker (1827-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|25|25: Frank Hiscock (1834-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|26|26: John H. Camp (1840-1892), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|27|27: Elbridge G. Lapham (1814-1890), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|28|28: Jeremiah W. Dwight (1819-1885), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|29|29: John N. Hungerford (1825-1883), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|30|30: E. Kirke Hart (1841-1893), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|31|31: Charles B. Benedict (1828-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|32|32: Daniel N. Lockwood (1844-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|33|33: George W. Patterson (1799-1879), "Republican"

North Carolina

*2: Matt W. Ransom (1826-1904), "Democratic"
*3: Augustus S. Merrimon (1830-1892), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|North Carolina|1|1: Jesse J. Yeates (1829-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|2|2: Curtis H. Brogden (1816-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|3|3: Alfred M. Waddell (1834-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|4|4: Joseph J. Davis (1828-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|5|5: Alfred M. Scales (1827-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|6|6: Walter L. Steele (1823-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|7|7: William M. Robbins (1828-1905), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|8|8: Robert B. Vance (1828-1899), "Democratic"


*3: John Sherman (1823-1900), "Republican" …resigned March 8 1877.
*: T. Stanley Matthews (1824-1889), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated October 16 1877.
*1: Allen G. Thurman (1813-1895), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(20 seats)"
*ushr|Ohio|1|1: Milton Sayler (1831-1892), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|2|2: Henry B. Banning (1836-1881), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|3|3: Mills Gardner (1830-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|4|4: John A. McMahon (1833-1923), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|5|5: Americus V. Rice (1835-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|6|6: Jacob D. Cox (1828-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|7|7: Henry L. Dickey (1832-1910), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|8|8: J. Warren Keifer (1836-1932), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|9|9: John S. Jones (1836-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|10|10: Charles Foster (1828-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|11|11: Henry S. Neal (1828-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|12|12: Thomas Ewing, Jr. (1829-1896), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|13|13: Milton I. Southard (1836-1905), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|14|14: Ebenezer B. Finley (1833-1916), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|15|15: Nelson H. Van Vorhes (1822-1882), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|16|16: Lorenzo Danford (1829-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|17|17: William McKinley, Jr. (1843-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|18|18: James Monroe (1821-1898), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|19|19: James A. Garfield (1831-1881), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|20|20: Amos Townsend (1821-1895), "Republican"


*3: John H. Mitchell (1835-1905), "Republican"
*2: La Fayette Grover (1823-1911), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Oregon|AL|A/L: Richard Williams (1836-1914), "Republican"


*3: Simon Cameron (1799-1889), "Republican" …resigned March 12 1877.
*: J. Donald Cameron (1833-1918), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated October 15 1877.
*1: William A. Wallace (1827-1896), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(27 seats)"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: Chapman Freeman (1832-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: Charles O'Neill (1821-1893), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: Samuel J. Randall (1828-1890), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: William D. Kelley (1814-1890), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|5|5: Alfred C. Harmer (1825-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|6|6: William Ward (1837-1895), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: I. Newton Evans (1827-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: Hiester Clymer (1827-1884), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: A. Herr Smith (1815-1894), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|10|10: Samuel A. Bridges (1802-1884), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: Francis D. Collins (1841-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|12|12: Hendrick B. Wright (1808-1881), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|13|13: James B. Reilly (1845-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|14|14: John W. Killinger (1824-1896), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|15|15: Edward Overton, Jr. (1836-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|16|16: John I. Mitchell (1838-1907), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|17|17: Jacob M. Campbell (1821-1888), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|18|18: William S. Stenger (1840-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|19|19: Levi Maish (1837-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|20|20: Levi A. Mackey (1819-1889), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|21|21: Jacob Turney (1825-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|22|22: Russell Errett (1817-1891), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|23|23: Thomas M. Bayne (1836-1894), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|24|24: William S. Shallenberger (1839-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|25|25: Harry White (1834-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|26|26: John M. Thompson (1829-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|27|27: Lewis F. Watson (1819-1890), "Republican"

Rhode Island

*2: Henry B. Anthony (1815-1884), "Republican"
*1: Ambrose E. Burnside (1824-1881), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Rhode Island|1|1: Benjamin T. Eames (1818-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Rhode Island|2|2: Latimer W. Ballou (1812-1900), "Republican"

outh Carolina

*3: John J. Patterson (1830-1912), "Republican"
*2: Matthew C. Butler (1836-1909), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)"
*ushr|South Carolina|1|1: Joseph H. Rainey (1832-1887), "Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|2|2: Richard H. Cain (1825-1887), "Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|3|3: D. Wyatt Aiken (1828-1887), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|4|4: John H. Evins (1830-1884), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|5|5: Robert Smalls (1839-1915), "Republican"


*1: James E. Bailey (1822-1885), "Democratic"
*2: Isham G. Harris (1818-1897), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Tennessee|1|1: James H. Randolph (1825-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|2|2: Jacob M. Thornburgh (1837-1890), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|3|3: George G. Dibrell (1822-1888), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|4|4: Haywood Y. Riddle (1834-1879), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|5|5: John M. Bright (1817-1911), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|6|6: John F. House (1827-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|7|7: Washington C. Whitthorne (1825-1891), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|8|8: John D. C. Atkins (1825-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|9|9: William P. Caldwell (1832-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|10|10: H. Casey Young (1828-1899), "Democratic"


*1: Samuel B. Maxey (1825-1895), "Democratic"
*2: Richard Coke (1829-1897), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Texas|1|1: John H. Reagan (1818-1905), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|2|2: David B. Culberson (1830-1900), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|3|3: James W. Throckmorton (1825-1894), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|4|4: Roger Q. Mills (1832-1911), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|5|5: De Witt C. Giddings (1827-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|6|6: Gustave Schleicher (1823-1879), "Democratic" …died January 10 1879.


*1: George F. Edmunds (1828-1919), "Republican"
*3: Justin S. Morrill (1810-1898), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Vermont|1|1: Charles H. Joyce (1830-1916), "Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|2|2: Dudley C. Denison (1819-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|3|3: George W. Hendee (1832-1906), "Republican"


*2: John W. Johnston (1818-1889), "Democratic"
*1: Robert E. Withers (1821-1907), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Virginia|1|1: Beverly B. Douglas (1822-1878), "Democratic" …died December 22 1878.
*: Richard Lee T. Beale (1819-1893), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated February 8 1879.
*ushr|Virginia|2|2: John Goode, Jr. (1829-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|3|3: Gilbert C. Walker (1833-1885), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|4|4: Joseph Jorgensen (1844-1888), "Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|5|5: George C. Cabell (1836-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|6|6: John R. Tucker (1823-1897), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|7|7: John T. Harris (1823-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|8|8: Eppa Hutton, II (1822-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|9|9: Auburn L. Pridemore (1837-1900), "Democratic"

West Virginia

*2: Henry G. Davis (1823-1916), "Democratic"
*1: Frank Hereford (1825-1891), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|West Virginia|1|1: Benjamin Wilson (1825-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|West Virginia|2|2: Benjamin F. Martin (1828-1895), "Democratic"
*ushr|West Virginia|3|3: John E. Kenna (1848-1893), "Democratic"


*3: Timothy O. Howe (1816-1883), "Republican"
*1: Angus Cameron (1826-1897), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Wisconsin|1|1: Charles G. Williams (1829-1892), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|2|2: Lucien B. Caswell (1827-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|3|3: George C. Hazelton (1832-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|4|4: William P. Lynde (1817-1885), "Democratic"
*ushr|Wisconsin|5|5: Edward S. Bragg (1827-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Wisconsin|6|6: Gabriel Bouck (1828-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Wisconsin|7|7: Herman L. Humphrey (1830-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|8|8: Thaddeus C. Pound (1833-1914), "Republican"


:Arizona Territory
*ushr|Arizona|AL|A/L: Hiram S. Stevens (1832-1893), "Democratic" :Dakota Territory
*ushr|Dakota|AL|A/L: Jefferson P. Kidder (1815-1883), "Republican" :Idaho Territory
*ushr|Idaho|AL|A/L: Stephen S. Fenn (1820-1892), "Democratic" :Montana Territory
*ushr|Montana|AL|A/L: Martin Maginnis (1841-1919), "Democratic" :New Mexico Territory
*ushr|New Mexico|AL|A/L: Trinidad Romero (1835-1918), "Republican" :Utah Territory
*ushr|Utah|AL|A/L: George Q. Cannon (1827-1901), "Republican" :Washington Territory
*ushr|Washington|AL|A/L: Orange Jacobs (1827-1914), "Republican" :Wyoming Territory
*ushr|Wyoming|AL|A/L: William W. Corlett (1842-1890), "Republican"


*cite book|title = The Historical Atlas of Political Parties in the United States Congress|last = Martis|first = Kenneth C.|authorlink =|coauthors =|year = 1989|publisher = Macmillan Publishing Company|location = New York|id =
*cite book|title = The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts|last = Martis|first = Kenneth C.|authorlink =|coauthors =|year = 1982|publisher = Macmillan Publishing Company|location = New York|id =

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* [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/serialset/cdocuments/hd108-222/index.html Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress]
* [http://clerk.house.gov/art_history/house_history/index.html U.S. House of Representatives: House History]
* [http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/reference/two_column_table/stats_and_lists.htm U.S. Senate: Statistics and Lists]

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