is a snowball fighting-competition from Japan. Today there are annual tournaments in Sobetsu, Hokkaidō in Japan, Kemijärvi in Finland, Vardø in Norway and Mt Buller in Australia.

The word Yukigassen consists of the Japanese words yuki (snow) and kassen (). Hence Yukigassen means snow(ball) battle.

Short description of the game

Yukigassen is a game between two teams with seven players each. The game is played on a court with certain measurements, and the winner is determined through rules made by Japan Yukigassen Federation.

Medal winners


Here is a list of the medal winners in the European Nordic Tournament in Vardø in 2007

Gold Medal Hiawatha (Norwegian)

Silver medal IL Tempo Gigante (Norwegian)

Bronze medal KP 55 (Finnish)


Here is a list of the medal winners in the Nordic Tournament in Vardø in 2006:

Gold: Lapin Peurat (Finnish)

Silver: KP 55 (Finnish)

Bronze: Små Rasmus etterkommere (Norwegian)


Here is a list of the medal winners in the Nordic Tournament in Vardø in 2005:

Gold: Små Rasmus etterkommere (Norwegian)

Silver: Hiawatha (Norwegian)

Bronze: KP 55 (Finnish)

See also

*Snowball fight

External links

* [http://www.yukigassen.jp/english/index.html Showa-Shinzan International Yukigassen (Japan)]
* [http://www.yukigassen.no Yukigassen Nordic Championship (Norway)]
* [http://www.kemijarvi.fi/tapahtumat/yukigassen/kilpailu/uk/info/info.html European Championship (Finland)]

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