Big (disambiguation)

Big may refer to:
*"Big", a 1988 comedy film about a boy who is aged to adulthood by a magical fortune telling machine
** "Big, The Musical" a musical based on the above film
* "Big" (album), an album by Macy Gray
* Big Records, a record label
* Big the Cat, fictional character from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" game universe
* The Notorious B.I.G., (1972-1997), rap artist
* Big, a fictional Buddhist monk in the the movie "Running on Karma"
* Big (The Perhapanauts), a fictional character in the American comic book series "The Perhapanauts"

The acronym BIG may stand for:
* BIG, a codename for a VOR navigational beacon at London Biggin Hill Airport
* Breast International Group
* Basic income grant
* Bismuth iron garnet

ee also

* Mr. Big (disambiguation)
* The Big Show (disambiguation)

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