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Surfboard wax (also known as surfwax ) is a formulation of natural and synthetic wax for application to the deck of a surfboard, bodyboard, or skimboard, to keep the surfer from slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave. It is also used to increase grip on the paddle of a surf kayak.

Surfboard wax is generally composed of a mixture of paraffin and beeswax, often with exotic scents like coconut. Natural alternatives such as [ Northern Light Surfboard Wax] , [ Phils Organic Surf Wax] , Muffin Wax and [ Wave Equation Stiction Surf Wax] are available. These organic waxes contain beeswax, vegetable oils such as coconut or hemp, pineresin and natural essential oils. Many different commercial brands and varieties of surfboard wax such as [ Bubblegum Surf Wax] may be found at a surf shop, optimized for different climates and water temperatures.


Surfboard wax is applied to the surfboard by rubbing the wax on, rubbing it from rail to rail (side to side), and nose to tail (front to back). After doing several layers in each direction in an area protected from the sun to avoid the melting of the wax, a final coat is applied, rubbing the wax on in a circular motion. For best results surfboard wax is usually refrigerated before applying.In the case of organic surf wax it is recommended to warm the wax in your hands for thicker and easier application.With all natural surf waxes only a thin layer of wax needs to be applied.


Removing the wax can be time consuming. A plastic scraper can be used to remove the wax in large chunks. To facilitate this, a surfboard can be laid out in the sun for a while to soften the wax, or a blowdryer can be used to melt certain areas prior to removal. There is also a product by Team Chow, called the "Pickle Wax Remover." It is a squeezable, lime green cylinder with a cloth exterior. It is available at most surf shops, and is used by simply rubbing it over the board, after removing the majority of the wax with a plastic scraper; this will remove all of the old wax simply and easily.The organic alternative recommended by Northern Light is to use pure melted coconut oil. After scraping with the plastic scraper, rub oil into the remaining wax and gently remove with some wool blanket scrap, which can be burnt or composted afterwards. Leave the ball of scraped off old (organic!) wax outside somewhere where the bees can find it. They will happily recycle your old wax.


A wax comb is used to maintain the grip of the wax. Usually, the comb is used to engrave criss-cut valleys into the wax to create a tackier surface. Also when removing wax, instead of using rubbing alcohol which can strip some of the paint off, you can use a piece of scrap fabric or a washcloth. This enables you to take off all of the wax residue quickly and efficiently without harming your board.


Most surfboard wax comes labeled with a water temperature range that it is ideal for. Wax used in water colder than its rating will become hard and not provide the stickiness needed to stay on the board, while wax used in water warmer than its rating may melt.

Some surfers layer different temperatures of wax to create the level of firmness and stickiness desired.

The normal procedure is to lay down a thin base coat of a high temperature wax, usually labeled for tropical water. This will not melt off. Then you put the temperature appropriate wax on top of that. This ensures that as you change your wax for different temperatures, you will not end up with cold water wax on the board directly, which will melt off in sheets while you are surfing.

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