After Taxes

Infobox Album |
Name = After Taxes
Type = Album
Artist = Sheek Louch

Released = November 8 2005
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Hip hop
Length =
Label = D-Block, Koch
Producer = Mr. Devine
Red Spyda
Vinny Idol
Reviews = * Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "Walk witt Me"
This album = "After Taxes"
Next album = "Silverback Gorilla"

"After Taxes" is the second solo album by rapper Sheek Louch. It was released via the independent label Koch Records instead of on a major label like "Walk witt Me", Sheek's first album. His sophomore release spawned a minor hit with "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye". The album also includes the 50 Cent diss track titled, "Maybe if I Sing".

Each version of "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" is credited as the remix, but the version featuring Styles P the original. Also, a mixtape remix of the song includes Jadakiss and The Game, in addition to the guest artists already featured on the album version of the track.


#Intro - 1:52
#Street Music - 3:46
#On the Road Again - 3:23
#Pain - 3:46
#45 Minutes to Broadway - 3:34
#One Name - 3:18
#Maybe if I Sing - 3:40
#Devine - 3:53
#Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (remix) - 4:18
#Run Up - 3:39
#Get up, Stand Up - 4:24
#Pressure - 4:15
#Movie Nigga
#All Fed Up - 3:29
#Get Money - 3:55
#Kiss Your Ass Goodbye


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