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Biotechnology is a technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science, and medicine.

Of the many different definitions available, the one formulated by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity is one of the broadest:

:"Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use." (Article 2. Use of Terms)"

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Agrobacterium -- Affymetrix -- Alcoholic beverages -- -- Amgen -- AnaSpec -- Antibiotic -- Artificial selection


Biochemical engineering -- Biochip -- Biodiesel -- Bioengineering -- Biofuel -- Biogas -- Biogen Idec -- Bioinformatics -- -- Bioleaching -- Biological agent -- Biological warfare -- Bioluminescence -- Biomimetics -- Bionanotechnology -- Bionics --Biopharmacology -- Biophotonics -- Bioreactor -- Bioremediation -- Biostimulation -- Biosynthesis -- Biotechnology -- -- -- -- Bt corn


Cancer immunotherapy -- Cell therapy -- Chimera (genetics) -- Chinese hamster -- Chinese Hamster Ovary cell -- Chiron Corp. -- Cloning -- Compost -- Convention on Biological Diversity -- Chromatography


Directive on the patentability of biotechnological inventions -- DNA microarray -- Dwarfing


Enzymes -- Electroporation -- Environmental biotechnology -- Eugenics


Fermentation --


Gene knockout -- Gene therapy -- Genentech -- Genetic engineering -- Genetically modified food -- Genetically modified organisms -- Genetics -- Genomics -- Genzyme -- Glycomics -- Golden rice -- Green fluorescent protein


Human cloning -- Human Genome Project -- Human Metabolome Project []


Immunotherapy -- Immune suppression -- Industrial biotechnology -- Interactomics






MedImmune -- Metabolic engineering -- Metabolomics -- Metagenomics -- Microbial Fuel Cell -- Microfluidics -- Millennium Pharmaceuticals -- Monoclonal antibodies -- Mycofiltration -- Mycoremediation






Phosphatases -- Pfizer Inc. -- Phage therapy -- Pharmacogenomics -- Pharming (genetics) -- Plant-made pharmaceuticals -- Plantibody -- Proteomics



Recombinant DNA -- Reporter gene

Selective breeding -- Serono -- Shotgun sequencing -- Stem cell -- STR multiplex systems -- Substantial equivalence -- Sustainability -- Sustainable development


Terminator technology -- Transcriptomics -- Transgenic animal -- Transgenic plants -- Transgenic plant production


Use of biotechnology in pharmaceutical manufacturing








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