BC or B.C. may refer to:
* Before Christ, from the Latin "Ante Christum", an epoch based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus Christ.


* British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province
* Baja California, Mexico's northernmost state
* Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States
* Basque Country, Land of the Basque people
* Botswana, World Meteorological Organization country code 'BC'
* "Bull City", a nickname for Durham, North Carolina

Educational institutions

* Barnard College, a women's liberal arts college, affiliated with Columbia University, in New York, New York
* Beloit College, a small liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin
* Benedictine College, an institution of higher education in Atchison, Kansas
* Blinn College, a junior college in Brenham, Texas
* Boston College, a university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
* Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School, a Christian High School in Huntington Beach, California
* Bridgewater College, a college located in Bridgewater, Virginia
* Brooklyn College, a college located in Brooklyn, New York
*Benedictine Military School , formerly Benedictine College, Savannah, Georgia

Government institutions

* Bureau of Corrections (Philippines), an agency of the Department of Justice of the Philippines, charged with the custody and rehabilitation of national offenders

Businesses and organizations

* Blue Cross, a trade association of United States health insurance companies
* Boise Cascade, a manufacturer of paper and pulp products
* Brasseries du Cameroun, a brewery in Cameroon
* British Council, a non-departmental public body and registered charity for cultural relations in the United Kingdom
* Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league professional baseball club
* Brunswick Corporation, stock symbol for a consumer sporting goods manufacturer traded on the New York Stock Exchange
* Skymark Airlines, IATA airline code 'BC'


* Basso Continuo, an accompaniment used in almost all genres of music in the Baroque period
* BC Recordings, a record label
* Body Count, rapper Ice-T's metal band


* B.C. (comic strip), a syndicated comic strip originated by Johnny Hart
* Barnabas Collins, fictional vampire from the ABC soap opera "Dark Shadows"
* "Border Crossings", a musical radio show that airs on Voice of America
* "The Breakfast Club", a teen-oriented dramedy released in the year 1985
* Burning Crusade, an expansion to the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft"
* Bionic Commando

Math and technology

* Backward compatibility, compatibility of new product with old product
* bc (Unix), "basic calculator" Unix program
* NZR Bc class, a steam locomotive classification used by the New Zealand Railways Department
* Buoyancy compensator, a piece of scuba diving equipment
* Ballistic coefficient, a measure of air drag on a projectile, the ratio of its sectional density to its coefficient of form
* Base curve radius, a parameter of a contact lens
* Boundary condition, a mathematical restraint on partial differential equations

Medicine and science

* Bc, the abbreviation for the orchid genus "Brassocattleya"
* BC Powder, brand name of pain reliever
* Birth control
* Breast cancer
* Board Certification, as in Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified (APRN, BC)


* Basketball Club, in Romanian. For example BC Mures
* Bliss bibliographic classification, a library cataloguing system
* BookCrossing, a website which encourages leaving books in public places to be found by others
* Base Camp in mountaineering

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