Ischioanal fossa

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Latin = fossa ischioanalis
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Caption = The perineum. The integument and superficial layer of superficial fascia reflected. (Ischiorectal fossa labeled at bottom left.)

Caption2 = The posterior aspect of the rectum exposed by removing the lower part of the sacrum and the coccyx. (Ischiorectal fossa labeled at bottom right.)
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The ischiorectal fossa (or ischioanal fossa) is somewhat prismatic in shape, with its base directed to the surface of the perineum, and its apex at the line of meeting of the obturator and anal fasciae.


It has the following boundaries: [NormanAnatomyFig|analtrianglesection - Ischiorectal fossa is colored yellow]


The contents include:
* Inside Alcock's canal, on the lateral wall
** internal pudendal artery
** internal pudendal vein
** pudendal nerve
* Outside Alcock's canal, crossing the space transversely
** inferior rectal artery
** inferior rectal veins
** inferior anal nerves
** fatty tissue across which numerous fibrous bands extend from side to side


ee also

* Anal triangle


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* - "The Female Perineum: The Ischioanal Fossa"
* (NormanAnatomyFig|analtriangle2, NormanAnatomyFig|femaleugtrianglesectionfascia)
* [] at Emory University

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