List of United States Senators from California

List of United States Senators from California

California was admitted to the Union on September 9, 1850.

=Class I=

John Charles FrémontDemocratic18501851
John B. WellerDemocratic18521857
David Colbreth BroderickDemocratic18571859
Henry Peter HaunDemocratic18591860
Milton Slocum LathamDemocratic18601863
John ConnessRepublican18631869
Eugene CasserlyDemocratic18691873
John Sharpenstein HagerDemocratic18731875
Newton BoothAnti-Monopoly18751881
John Franklin MillerRepublican18811886
George HearstDemocratic18861886
Abram P. WilliamsRepublican18861887
George HearstDemocratic18871891
Charles Norton FeltonRepublican18911893
Stephen Mallory WhiteDemocratic18931899
Thomas Robert BardRepublican19001905
Frank Putnam FlintRepublican19051911
John Downey WorksRepublican19111917
Hiram Warren JohnsonRepublican19171945
William Fife KnowlandRepublican19451959
Clair EngleDemocratic19591964
Pierre SalingerDemocratic19641964
George Lloyd MurphyRepublican19651971
John Varick TunneyDemocratic19711977
Samuel Ichiye HayakawaRepublican19771983
Peter Barton WilsonRepublican19831991
John F. SeymourRepublican19911992
Dianne FeinsteinDemocratic1992

=Class III=

William McKendree GwinDemocratic18501855
William McKendree GwinDemocratic18571861
James Alexander McDougallDemocratic18611867
Cornelius ColeRepublican18671873
Aaron Augustus SargentRepublican18731879
James Thompson FarleyDemocratic18791885
Amasa Leland StanfordRepublican18851893
George Clement PerkinsRepublican18931915
James Duval PhelanDemocratic19151921
Samuel Morgan ShortridgeRepublican19211933
William Gibbs McAdooDemocratic19331938
Thomas More StorkeDemocratic19381939
Sheridan DowneyDemocratic19391950
Richard Milhous NixonRepublican19501953
Thomas Henry KuchelRepublican19531969
Alan MacGregor CranstonDemocratic19691993
Barbara BoxerDemocratic1993

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