List of United States Senators from Arkansas

List of United States Senators from Arkansas

Arkansas was admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836. Its Senate seats were declared vacant in July 1861 owing to its secession from the Union. They were again filled from June 1868.

=Class II=

William S. FultonDemocratic18361844
Chester AshleyDemocratic18441848
William K. SebastianDemocratic18481861
Alexander McDonaldRepublican18681871
Powell ClaytonRepublican18711877
Augustus H. GarlandDemocratic18771885
James H. BerryDemocratic18851907
Jeff DavisDemocratic19071913
John N. HeiskellDemocratic19131913
William M. KavanaughDemocratic1913
Joseph T. RobinsonDemocratic19131937
John E. MillerDemocratic19371941
George L. SpencerDemocratic19411943
John L. McClellanDemocratic19431977
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr.Democratic19771979
David H. PryorDemocratic19791997
Tim HutchinsonRepublican19972003
Mark PryorDemocratic2003

=Class III=

Ambrose H. SevierDemocratic18361848
Solon BorlandDemocratic18481853
Robert W. JohnsonDemocratic18531861
Charles B. MitchelDemocratic1861
Benjamin F. RiceRepublican18681873
Stephen W. DorseyRepublican18731879
James D. WalkerDemocratic18791885
James K. JonesDemocratic18851903
James P. ClarkeDemocratic19031916
William F. KirbyDemocratic19161921
Thaddeus H. CarawayDemocratic19211931
Hattie W. CarawayDemocratic19311945
J. William FulbrightDemocratic19451974
Dale L. BumpersDemocratic19751999
Blanche LincolnDemocratic1999

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